Does Amanda Peet gone through Plastic Surgery

Actress Amanda Peet confirmed during an interview that she will never get plastic surgery however is that true? Find how she looks before and after. She is a famous TV Celebrity fall into plastic surgery gossip on the web. With a lot of experience in the world of fashion and is one of the best looking celebrities according to several magazine top 10 lists yet she is under fire for the alleged plastic surgery rumors that according to many are the resource of her beauty. But the fact of the matter is that we hardly think that she has had any procedure done on herself. She looks young and gorgeous but that does not directly link to plastic surgery, does it?

Actress Amanda Peet new look after cosmetic surgery

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Does Dounia Batma gone through Plastic Surgery?

Around the world plastic surgery is becoming a part of life but it’s still not widely accepted even in the industry that needs it the most, Dounia Batma is the beautiful 24 year old singer who rose to fame as the runner up in the premiere season of Arab Idol but she is now the latest victim in the ongoing plastic surgery blame game. Dounia has unconventionally sharp features which is one of the reasons why she is so widely adored but that’s also the reason many believe she has had plastic surgery.

Dounia Batma Plastic Surgery

The Growing Influence of Dounia Batma
Dounia is a glamorous and elegant woman who has come to be known as quite a diva, her personality is fierce just like her singing and she is considered to be one of the best singers to come out of Morocco in ages. Her taste for the finer things has got a couple of critics wondering if she would go far enough to change her appearance so let’s find out if it’s true!

Before Vs. After
Dounia Batma is a hot topic for many plastic surgery websites but in our opinion the star is almost all natural and the reason for that is she knows how to take care of herself. Batma is at the start of her career so one wrong move could spell the end of it, so let’s see what the world thinks about the secrets of her beauty.

Dounia Batma before and after surgery

Breast enhancement: The 24 year old looks gorgeous and is one of the more desirable women in the world, but we suspect that there has been a breast enhancement surgery that has given her the edge. It’s not uncommon for young women like Dounia to try out something like this to enhance her looks but she has denied having done anything so far.

Nose job: This is one of the biggest allegations out there and its one that has got Dounia very upset, she has said openly that she has not had plastic surgery and we can see that it might be true yet there are a lot of allegations popping up saying that her nose looks pretty different. One such source also said that this could be the mischief of Photoshop on the young star but nothing could be confirmed.

Lifestyle and fitness
While Dounia’s life and lifestyle is a well-kept secret her habits and love for eating is no mystery, but because she has to keep to her gorgeous looks she sacrifices a lot of her general indulgences. She also avoids ice-creams and cold foods to avoid harming her throat and voice but in a couple of instances she has mentioned sneaking in a cheat meal when no one is looking.

Dounia is also a fan of classical Moroccan dishes like Harira and Makouda which is often her idea of diet food. While Dounia has made a pretty good impact in the musical community there is a lot more for this star to achieve considering he is just 24 years old.

Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery Before and After

Popular beautiful actress from Korea Ha Ji Won possibly had plastic surgery. If you are looking through the list of the most gorgeous women in the world then the South Korean actress Ha Ji Won will certainly make that list, she is pretty talented and has received celebrity status in almost no time at all, she has seen fame and fortune and has quite a great career ahead of her. Though she was naturally beautiful her decision to go under the knife was either going to make or break the rest of her life.

Ha Ji Won

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Rachel McAdams Plastic Surgery Truth

Rachel McAdams been on the acting circuit since her debut in 1998 as a guest star in the Disney show The Famous Jett Jackson. This was by no means the start of her acting career. She has been acting on stage ever since she was thirteen.

Her rise to fame happened in 2004, when she starred as Regina George in the ever so popular movie Mean Girls. It was this movie that made her a favourite among the critics and a household name as well. Her versatility was showcased in the wide range of acting successes that followed Mean Girls.From the Wedding Crashers to her role as Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes, the 2009 movie she has done a wide range of movies over the years.

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Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery Before and After

A well-known Korean actress, Cheong Seong Im (청성임) is better known by her stage name, Song Ji Hyo (송지효). While her appearance in multiple dramas from 2000 have built up her popularity, it was her being a regular member of the variety show Running Man from 2010 onwards that made her a household name. Just earlier this year, she was in the Tv show Ex-Girlfriend’s Society.

Her performances have been wonderful at showcasing her wide range of talents, from comedy in Running Man to her acting ability in one of 2014’s most popular TV show Emergency Couple.

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Amber Heard Before and After Plastic Surgery Photo

From the lone star state to being a star on the red carpet, Amber Heard has certainly come a long way. From dropping out of highschool at 17 to pursue a modelling career in New York to receiving Academic Awards for her movies in Los Angeles, Amber has definitely had a chance to grow both personally as well as career wise. While her first movie, North Country (2005) won the Academic award, what followed next was a cast type of the sexualized teenager throughout her earlier films.

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Winona Ryder Plastic Surgery Before and After

Once, Winona Ryder  was on every poster, a household name. It wasn’t just her incredible acting and smart choice of roles that contributed to Winona Ryder’s popularity. The actress was, and still is, known for her quirky sense of style, her dating life, and her beauty. And today we still talking about Winona Ryder Plastic Surgery story which has been revealed more than a year back.

The 43-year-old actress has a wide repertoire of movies under belt including timeless movies such as The Heathers and Little Women. Year after year, she seems to not have changed, her complexion remaining just as fair and her skin remaining just as wrinkle-free.

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Myla Dalbesio

A model and performance artist, Myla Dalbesio began her journey from being crowned as Miss Teen Wisconsin at the age of sixteen. She grew up in Racine,Wisconsin and was taken note by Model Manager Mary Clark. She has a sister who is fourteen years elder and has been more like a mother figure to her.

Dalbesio is married to Jeff, and together they run the ‘Mother Model Management’ that is credited to introducing famous names like Karlie Kloss and Ashton Kutcher into the modelling industry.


Profile & Statistics

Plus size model Myla Dalbesio personal detailsOriginal Name : Myla Dalbesio

Nick Name: Myla Dalbesio

Birthday Date: 1987

Ethnicity: American

Height : 5 feet 9 inch / 1.80 m

Weight :


Eye Color :

Body Measurements: 38-31-42

Education :

Parents :



Astrology Sign :


In an industry that belongs to skinny women who flaunt their ‘Size 0’ , Myla is one model who has broken those stereotypes. Considered a plus model, she stands out from the rest of her peers of the modelling industry. She was in the midst of a huge controversy while ropped in by Calvin Klein for being the  ‘plus size’ model who didn’t fit the criteria to be one. Though the ad campaign by the brand was her biggest break so far, she struggled with finding popular support. Hence Myla has often found herself in a battle to define her territory in the fashion world. She called herself somewhere ‘in-between’. Neither thin enough to fit into regular size modelling nor ‘fat and fabulous’ enough to be a plus size model.

However Myla is of the opinion that she has made a difference in the modelling world by simply being who she is and in a way representing the space every woman ought to have. She considers a personal achievement to receive letters from women who say how glad they are to find models who represent the reality of how most women are. Myla Dalbesio represents the many ways in which the world of fashion can be a harsh and struggle inducing one, yet how with hardwork and determination one can reach one’s destination. In an interview she was quoted saying that the first couple of years in her career were rather slow and she was completely unaware of hair and make up techniques. She was oblivious to the right camera angles and the only thing that got her going was the fact the she was not a quitter. In 2011 she had three performance art shows which is bulding her portfolio as a performance artist as well.

Anu Agarwal

After a tragedy how many ask “Why Me?” How many can get up after a mighty fall? The obvious answer is “Very Few”. And one of those is yesteryear’s diva Anu Aggarwal. She was born in Delhi and lived in Chennai and Delhi.

She has always stated that destiny planned her life for her. She was always interested in Sociology and was also a Gold Medalist. But on a vacation in Mumbai, she was spotted by a talent hunter and landed with her first modeling assignment.


Profile & Statistics

Original Name : Anu Aggarwal Actress Anu Agarwal profile details

Nick Name:

Birthday Date: January 11, 1969

Ethnicity: Indian

Height : 5 feet 6 inch / 1.68m

Weight : 62 kg

Age:  46

Eye Color : Brown

Body Measurements: 34-27-34

Education : University of Delhi

Parents :

Boyfriend / Husband: Regarding Anu Agarwal, there is no such official details.

Religion: Hindu

Astrology Sign : Capricorn


Life’s Plans for Anu

Never the one to be interested in Hindi movies she was surprised when Mr. Mahesh Bhatt offered to cast her in a film. She was just not interested but Mr. Bhatt vowed not to make the film without her, and that’s how Aashiqui happened in 1990. Till date, the industry states that it was a pivotal movie that brought back the melody and gave Anu Agarwal to the industry.

Movie Career

She had no long-term plans but after the iconic taking-shelter-under-her-lover’s-jacket stint, she was flooded with offers and went on to do a film in various languages like Hindi, Assamese & Tamil. From 1990 to 1996 she worked in movies like Ghazab Tamasha, Khalnayika, Thiruda Thiruda, King Uncle, Janam Kundli, Kanyadaan and Return of Jewel Thief.

Bidding Adieu

She loved her freedom too much, chose not to be a public spectacle and consciously disappeared from the arc-lights so that she could travel, see the world, do some social work and learn yoga.

Accident & Re-birth

Anu was in a major car accident in 1999 that left her in a comatose state for a month with 29 broken bones, severe amnesia and paralysis. It took her a lot of will-power, multiple surgeries, a long hospital stay and various spiritual experiences to get back to being who she is today.

A New Lease of Life

She claims to be as old as the girl who was born again after coming out of the coma. From a girl who had a string of boyfriends in her youth, she’s happy being single. She is a devout yoga practitioner and lives a minimalistic and full-of-solitude life teaching yoga in a yoga school in Bihar.

 It’s difficult to see two different people stay in one body, but not impossible, as Anu Aggarwal has shown us.

Ayesha Jhulka

Very few celebrities have the guts to step down when at the peak of their careers. Not just step down, but also attain peaks in other arenas. One of Bollywood’s former leading ladies, Ayesha Jhulka, is one of them. Born in 1972 in Srinagar to an army based father, Ayesha was in her pre-teens when she first faced the camera in 1983 in Kaise Log.

She made her breakthrough as a leading lady in 1990 in Meet Mere Mann Ka alongside big names like Salma Agha and Feroz Khan. She also acted in a few Telugu movies.


Profile & Statistics

Original Name : Ayesha Jhulka Indian actress Ayesha Jhulka details

Nick Name:

Birthday Date: July 28, 1972

Ethnicity: Indian

Height : 5 feet 2 inch / 1.59 m

Weight : 68 kg

Age:  42

Eye Color : Brown

Body Measurements: 36-28-36

Education :

Parents : Sneh Julka, Inder Kumar Jhulka

Husband: Sameer Vashi

Religion: Hindu

Astrology Sign : Leo



She went on to work in movies like Kurbaan, Dalal, Rang, Suraj and Kohram but became an overnight sensation when she played the innocent Anjali in Mansoor Khan’s Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar. This was followed by another blockbuster Khiladi opposite Akshay Kumar. These were the movies that put her in the big league.

Pseudo Retirement

Post this she did only a handful of films like Rang, Akele Hum Akele Tum, Ghoonghat, Hote Hote Pyaar Ho Gaya, Run, Chachi 420, Socha Na Tha and Umrao Jaan, and a few Punjabi movies but  in not-so-prominent roles. She took a conscious decision to fade away from glory when she was at the pinnacle of her movie career.

Ayesha Jhulka: Phase Two

Post her love-cum-arranged marriage to Construction magnate Sameer Vashi in 2003, she dipped her fingers in a myriad of ventures. She’s has proved to be an efficient multitasker by venturing into the Construction Business SamRock jointly with her husband, running a successful spa, managing a clothing line and overseeing a boutique resort in Goa. She also produces stage plays.

She has been an exemplary figure showing the world that it is better to step down when at the top than to wait for the time when you hit rock bottom. Kudos to her!