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Actress Hema Malini Plastic Surgery Before and After

There is always a lot of attention around you if you belong to the Bollywood bandwagon of actors and actresses, but the tabloids of gossip almost always have a keen interest in the life of the iconic “Dream Girl” of classic Indian cinema Hema Malini.  The Iconic star has quite the set of talents with her history in Classical Indian Bharata natyam which is a form of classical dancing and her latest ventures into the production and directing of films.

She is also a well-respected politician. The fact of the matter is Hema Malini has always been considered as one of the most beautiful actresses of her time and is still exceedingly gorgeous. Hence the name “Dream Girl” has constantly been attached to her. But because of her elegant looks at the age of 65 many celebrity watchers love speculating that cosmetic surgery has something to do with it.

Gorgeous Hema MaliniBiography

Date Of Birth : October 16, 1948

Age : 63

Height : 5.6 feet

Body Measurement : 34-28-36

Spouse : Married with Dharmendra in 1980

Hema Malini take on surgery

On a recent interview the Sholay star mentioned her awe at the amount of procedures for beauty that have become so mainstream that its considered just another step in the glamorous life. She goes on to say that it’s so simple that any kind of problem or defect can be fixed while also denying the fact that she has ever attempted any such procedures. But she does say that the idea is sometimes quite tempting. She explains that there should be no stigma on something as simple as this especially if it has the potential to change people’s lives.

Watchers ponder on her secrets

Hema Malini is one of the most iconic actress in Indian cinemas with her epic portrayal of comic and dramatic roles with absolute ease. In 2002 she was even honoured with a lifetime achievement award and a Padma Shri for all her efforts off the screen in bettering society and her onscreen excellence. So experts wonder if in the efforts to preserve her natural beauty were any external factors responsible, some feel they were because of her cheeks being round in what seems like an artificial plumpness pinning the question was Botox or a similar procedure part of her extraordinary beauty.

So whatever may be the secret to her incomparable beauty we feel that it should not be a source of scandal, rather just another reason to appreciate the beauty that is Hema Malini the original dream girl of Indian cinema.

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