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Actress Vicki Gunvalson Plastic Surgery

Vicki Gunvalson is a 52 year old motor mouth that loves her job and love the realms of gossiping all the more, she is a TV personality in the hit show Real housewives of Orange Country and can be found perpetually at one end of an argument through the show.

It’s no secret that the 52 year old looks her age but over the past few years there have been minor changes to her face that people suspect to be the job of plastic surgery.

Vicki Gunvalsone new look after surgeryBiography

Date Of Birth : March 27, 1962

Age : 52

Height : 5.7 feet

Body Measurement :

Spouse : Currently single


The Truth About Plastic Surgery

It’s hard to believe but it has been ten years for the show andVicki Gunvalson has been part of it since its creation, if you have been an avid follower you have seen a excess of drama, betrayal, celebration and most of all accusation.

And the accusation of the hour is that of plastic surgery has something to do with the new found radiance of Vicki Gunvalson, and Vickihas graciously admitted to having had a procedure. In a show (Real housewives of Orange Country) everyone has probably had plastic surgery accusations like this are common, the questions to be pondered on are “What are the procedures that actually matter”

Clinics are the new fountain of youth

While its public awareness that Vicki has had procedures, this is what she has had done on her visit to the Clinic for skin rejuvenation. She admitted to having procedures done on her Cheeks and under her eyes that resembles filler and a chin implant to even out the smoothness. These sets of procedures were done to prepare for the season that followed on the Reality show.

Earlier in the show on occasion Vicki had been bullied called “Miss Piggy” by her house mate Gretchen Rossi’s boyfriend and that was not taken lightly bearing witness to the fights that occurred following the incidents. Vicki not wanting to be the butt of any future jokes opted to get her look changed.

Before and After

Vicki is a beautiful person and good looking for her age but that’s not great news for anybody who wants to survive in the land of Hollywood, prior to her surgery she has been ridiculed for having a chubby nose. Her skin has faced the perils of aging and though beautiful did not present the way she would like. After her plastic surgery and other procedures he face has begun to look a lot smoother and gone are the line of aging that once dominated her face. Thanks to the fillers she uses her eyes and cheeks look a lot younger and vibrant.

So the beauty of it is that she is not shy about that fact so hats off to her for accepting her flaws and making an effort to change it.

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