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Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery – Explained

What does the average Hollywood celebrity and home delivered food have in common? They are plastic on the outside! Not funny? Well it’s pretty much the truth and plastic surgery has become the addiction of our generation. Beauty and good looks may be great and all but what happened to the good old human character, honesty and integrity well the problem is you would not date it! We decide our interactions and make judgments based on the looks of people, it does not only extend to there because its estimated that good looking people are given priority over average Joes like you and me in almost every field, the get better jobs, better looking partners, people are nicer to them and what not!

List of advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery

Let’s say that you and I are not so good looking and this article is going to open our eyes over what’s the good and not so good about the world of plastic surgery, and there are advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery too, let’s start with the pros.


  • Confidence: While this may be debatable as a pro or con but it’s certainly a tool that has a chance to boost a person’s self-confidence, it could help with creating a positive self-image but like anything else related to medicine it has the chance of going both ways, good and bad. If you are anywhere close to good looking try to frown in front of the mirror, it doesn’t work!
  • Good Looks: it’s a recurringidea on TV serials that the hot guys and girls get whatever theywant and it’s pretty accurate if you ask anyone who does not fall under the pretty category. It boosts your lifestyle and makes a lot of work easier because people have a tendency to try to be nicer to good looking people.
  • Reconstruction: the whole original purpose of plastic surgery began as the pursuit of reconstruction of bodies that have been decimated by accidents, plastic surgery was and is still used as a tool to return people back their normal look after accidents that generally scar them, this does not only decrease the scars impact physically but mentally too.


Disadvantage of Plastic Surgery explained

  • Easy way out: You loose on the opportunity to better yourself, now this is strictly in the case of fat or specific body part reduction where people tend to take the easy way out instead of working like animals and having the pride of accomplishments to take home.
  • Expensive: it’s pretty obvious that this is not a cheap affair, cosmetic corrections can cost thousands and still not give you results that you may consider enough, its pricey because of the skill required in the surgery and the better the experience gets the higher the bills go making it a procedure not great for the average Joes pockets.
  • Painful: if it was not obvious till now this is a surgical procedure that’s going to pain like a bee sting in the winter, actually imagine a hundred bee stings in winter. It take you time to recover and will certainly require a lot of rehab from your part.
  • Risky: there are a lot of risks involved though the chances of each are pretty slim you cannot help but wonder if everything will go smoothly during the operation and even after its done will you end up looking all fake like the late Joan Rivers or not!

Conclusion: So the decision is in your hands do you want to end up looking noticeably different than you use to and you feel like risks are a necessary staple of life than go ahead, but if you are the melodramatic coward who is worried about bleeding out on the surgeons table then this is probably not your cup a’ tea.

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