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Aishwarya Rai Plastic Surgery

Aishwarya”, meaning the divine wealth, reflects the truth in the personality of one wonderful actress from Bollywood.  Over the years, due to her mind-blowing performance in the movies, she has almost come to be treated as the treasure of talent and charisma.


The former Miss World, who hails from the beautiful city of Mangalore, is an epitome of success, grandeur, and happiness. As a matter of fact, everyone respects her enchanting personality and would take a second thought before uttering a single word against her magnificent persona.  She is simply unique in the list of top heroines and would always go down the history as a great human-being.

Most beautiful  actress of bollywood Aishwarya RaiBiography

Date Of Birth : November 01, 1973

Age : 40

Height : 5.6 feet

Body Measurement : 34-26-34

Spouse : Married with Abhishek Bachchan in 2007

Rumor mills talk a lot about Aishwarya Rai possible plastic surgery!!!

Despite her motherhood, she does not have the age-marks on her face. She is prettier than ever before. Yet, her detractors do not step back and are accusing her of using all the artificial means to look beautiful. They say that she has taken the Botox injections. She has done a plastic surgery to nip the wrinkles of age in her face.  She has done breast implants. Her firm and pretty lips leave no room for doubt that she has gone through a liposuction.

Is it truth or rumor about Plastic Surgery?

The magazines and websites add frequently in their updates that her foreign jaunts are only meant for all the above.

But Aishwarya is one in the hundred twenty millions of people; so unique that you even can’t compare.

Let’s give a glance about certain facts of her life.

Fitness –the spell behind her looks

Diet comes first for her

Aishwarya believes in balanced diet. Boiled vegetables have always remained her favorite. Such item is easily digestible and full of nutrition. She likes the boiled vegetables flavor and it is her favorite because of its fat-free content.

A protein diet than carbohydrates

She loves eating things, which have a lot of protein. Such things forever keep her on the go. She insists in having the protein in her every meal but avoids the risky and fatty carbohydrates.

Astanga yoga”- her constant companion

Whenever, she has been through the terrible times of her life, she has lived with the practice of Yoga. It has helped her to remain calm and fit. A calm mind ultimately gets you a wonderful body.

Exercises and positive thinking

Aishwarya Rai is a superbly balanced person because of two things; she never forgets her exercise regimen and she has trained her mind to be always positive.

All these realistic principles have helped her a lot in remaining eternally beautiful, not in the least the artificial methods.

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