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Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is that part of celebrity life that deals with the most accusations and denials the tabloids of page 3 has ever seen, and Ali Lohan is the latest to jump on this train. The 20 year old star has blossomed into a beautiful young lady with sharp features and a complexion to die for, but that does not come without its share of problems because the world is wondering did plastic surgery have anything to do with it.

Famous actress Ali LohanBiography

Date Of Birth : December 22, 1993

Age : 20

Height : 5.8 feet

Body Measurement : 34-24-34

Parents : Michael Lohan, Dina Lohan

The star is not just a model but is famous for being the sister of the sensational Lindsay Lohan. In close quarters she admits to wanting to join the film line somewhere down the line, but with the growing competition and the added pressure to break in the industry has the younger lohan sister succumbed to the charms of the dreaded surgery table, or has her beauty been the latest story of a successful growth spurt. By all means a decision like this can be justified, but did it happen that’s the question!

Ali Lohan comments on the plastic surgery rumours

Hollywood is the holy land of plastic surgery, and it’s an instant need for most women there to look better than their neighbour, so many people believe that the dramatic changes to Ali’s face are no coincidence. Ali lohan has said to many tabloids that these changes are natural and not part of any procedure, and being 17 at that time said it was not her age to consider any such procedure. Even her sister has accepted that Ali is not a person to consider such ideas

Before Vs. After

The young star is undoubtedly beautiful but four years ago before hitting her so called “Growth spurt” her looks were a little different. They say she has a thinner frame and that’s not by design, also not forgetting the elevated cheek bones and more lush lips are usually not always the gift of puberty. All this is mere speculation but many professional celebrity watchers and surgeons also feel that it could be the magical wand of puberty as well.

Words of friends and family

Eve Lindsay Lohan said that the thought of Aliana and plastic surgery does not fit together, and that’s a common sentiment of many among her close friends. Even “E News” had gone the distance to deny that it was a surgical procedure. But this is not the first time that a celebrity has lied to us, so if you are an avid fan of Ali lohan or you like taking interest in the lives of celebrities it’s up to you to decide which fact you support.

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