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Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery

The things about Iconic movies are that they solidify its actor’s identity as the characters in the movie, like Heath Ledger will forever be remembered as The Joker, Jeff bridges will always be known as ‘the dude’ and Andie MacDowell will forever be known as Miss Jane Porter from the 1984 classic the Legend of Tarzan. And the thing about Hollywood is that it does not take aging very well, like the 56 year old Andie MacDowell who was once a model is the victim to rumours of Plastic Surgery.

Beautiful Andie MacDowellBiography

Date Of Birth : April 21, 1958

Age : 56

Height : 5.7 feet

Body Measurement : 34-26-35

Spouse :


Hollywood Heritage

Andie MacDowell has been part of some of the most iconic movies Hollywood has ever seen, like Groundhog Day, Four Weddings and a Funeral and dinner with friends and with her past in modelling it’s hard to imagine the timeless artist actually becoming the victim of time itself. She is surely one of the most regal actors the silver screen has ever seen and she does not look anything like her age which is 56 as of 2014, and with her age her skin is smooth, flawless and gorgeous.

Andie goes the extra mile to say that the secret of her beauty is definitely not Plastic surgery, but her heavy routine for beauty and fitness.

The Original L’Oreal Lady

Andie was the first celebrity to endorse the name of L’Oreal and the tag line “you’re worth it” and since she has been a strong advocate for the brand, some even chalk that down as her secret to her skin.

Andie worshiping the ability of a number of anti-aging products from the company and pins it as her success to a youthful grace in old age. She goes on record to say who need plastic surgery when you have the power to work on your skin from the outside.

Truth about Plastic Surgery

With the world obsessed with the gossip of Hollywood’s leading ladies in the pursuit of a better look through plastic surgery and denying it through the process, Andie MacDowell has become the latest obsession as she had gone on record saying that she did not have any such surgery for her skin, the problem is that she had said this some 30 years ago. And there is absolutely no telling if this is still the way she feels.

But she did confirm one factor that she has had the opportunity to conduct a breast augmentation surgery to keep her elegant curves the way she likes them.

Whatever the truth may be this is surely not the first time that a star has lied about their procedure, so whatever it may be we go on to love this leading lady the way she always has meant to be, Beautiful.

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