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Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery

It is difficult enough to predict people, and when it comes to women it is mission impossible. That is so true for Anna Hathaway, for would you believe that once upon a time she nursed the feelings of becoming a nun! Getting raised as Roman Catholic, she was all gaga over it. But by the time she was 15, with her body blooming she discarded habit for chic clothing.

And still not satisfied with that, she took a step further when she opted for plastic surgeries, and breasts implant. It was an amazing transformation of Anna’s ideas, from nun to a hot gun. It would tantamount to cruelty for beauty lovers, had she gone ahead with the plans of covering herself from head to toe.

The Disney girl who became a well known  household name from ‘The Princess Diaries’, made waves with her successes in cinema. Though recently she doing it again but this time it has more to do with her body and cosmetic surgery. Yep! You got it right. People just don’t want to believe that Ana Hathaway in her 30s can retain such fresh looks. QED: she has gone under the knife.

Cute Anne HathawayBiography

Date Of Birth : November 12, 1982

Age : 31

Height : 5.8 feet

Body Measurement : 34-25-35

Spouse : Anne Hathaway  married with Adam Shulman in 2012

Facts about Plastic Surgery

Well, the itch on the noses of actresses is something which cannot be satisfied by puffing hence they have become bread and butter for the plastic surgeons. If you look closely at Anna Hathaway’s nose, it also seems to be tampered with. It certainly looks thinner and sharper in her new photos. Her nose tip is different, and yes they look too perfect to be true.

Her slightly swollen lips, which looked as if she has been stung by a bee, or was is something naughty done with it. Could they be indicators of fillers in her lips? This one can be swept under the carpet, for you cannot conclusively decide about it, but yes call it changing times, her nose and lips have distinctively changed, and her facial features seem to have been revitalized by nonsurgical cosmetic procedures.

Breast Implants Rumor

Other attention grabbers are Anna Hathaway breasts. Initially she was flat chest, and she may have had complex about her boyish looks. Hence if she went for breast implant to get the jaw-droppers 34C size, her sins are forgiven because they just look great on her, whether fakes or no fakes, they are still a delight.

The tug-o-war is on, with some saying they see plastic surgery over her body, and some say it is her makeup and high-end bras which are creating confusions.

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