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Anu Agarwal

After a tragedy how many ask “Why Me?” How many can get up after a mighty fall? The obvious answer is “Very Few”. And one of those is yesteryear’s diva Anu Aggarwal. She was born in Delhi and lived in Chennai and Delhi.

She has always stated that destiny planned her life for her. She was always interested in Sociology and was also a Gold Medalist. But on a vacation in Mumbai, she was spotted by a talent hunter and landed with her first modeling assignment.


Profile & Statistics

Original Name : Anu Aggarwal Actress Anu Agarwal profile details

Nick Name:

Birthday Date: January 11, 1969

Ethnicity: Indian

Height : 5 feet 6 inch / 1.68m

Weight : 62 kg

Age:  46

Eye Color : Brown

Body Measurements: 34-27-34

Education : University of Delhi

Parents :

Boyfriend / Husband: Regarding Anu Agarwal, there is no such official details.

Religion: Hindu

Astrology Sign : Capricorn


Life’s Plans for Anu

Never the one to be interested in Hindi movies she was surprised when Mr. Mahesh Bhatt offered to cast her in a film. She was just not interested but Mr. Bhatt vowed not to make the film without her, and that’s how Aashiqui happened in 1990. Till date, the industry states that it was a pivotal movie that brought back the melody and gave Anu Agarwal to the industry.

Movie Career

She had no long-term plans but after the iconic taking-shelter-under-her-lover’s-jacket stint, she was flooded with offers and went on to do a film in various languages like Hindi, Assamese & Tamil. From 1990 to 1996 she worked in movies like Ghazab Tamasha, Khalnayika, Thiruda Thiruda, King Uncle, Janam Kundli, Kanyadaan and Return of Jewel Thief.

Bidding Adieu

She loved her freedom too much, chose not to be a public spectacle and consciously disappeared from the arc-lights so that she could travel, see the world, do some social work and learn yoga.

Accident & Re-birth

Anu was in a major car accident in 1999 that left her in a comatose state for a month with 29 broken bones, severe amnesia and paralysis. It took her a lot of will-power, multiple surgeries, a long hospital stay and various spiritual experiences to get back to being who she is today.

A New Lease of Life

She claims to be as old as the girl who was born again after coming out of the coma. From a girl who had a string of boyfriends in her youth, she’s happy being single. She is a devout yoga practitioner and lives a minimalistic and full-of-solitude life teaching yoga in a yoga school in Bihar.

 It’s difficult to see two different people stay in one body, but not impossible, as Anu Aggarwal has shown us.

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