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Arnold Schwarzenegger Plastic Surgery

The secretive life & surgeries of Arnold Schwarzenegger

No matter who you are you eventually have to face the facts of getting old, and the biggest fact is you don’t quite look the same. But it’s the worst for the people who looked like they had been chiseled in stone, the feeling of going from body of a god to body of a blob is not a pleasant one, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was no stranger to this experience.

The former Mr Universe and movie star was known for having a body only a handful would ever achieve and with his onscreen bad boy persona nothing could come close to the awe that surrounded him, well except for the curse of old age. And with the social stigma of plastic surgery on men decreasing the former California Governor decidedto go under for the procedure.



Popular hollywood actor Arnold SchwarzeneggerDate Of Birth : July 30, 1947

Age :  66

Height :  6.2 feet

Children : Patrick Schwarzenegger,

Katherine Schwarzenegger

Spouse : Maria Shriver


The Arnold lifestyle

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had quite an eventful life being a professional bodybuilder, action hero, model and more he has also encountered a fair share of scandal like having a child with his housekeeper and keeping it a secret, the plastic surgery is just a dull event in an otherwise loud lifestyle, a lifestyle that was bound to show up on his face. But Arnold decided to keep his acting career afloat and according to him the cosmetic surgery was required to at least retain some former glory. Whatever the motivation the Gover-nator has had a couple of procedures done like skin tightening, facelift and Botox. And the procedure may look quite good but the artificial feel is still noticeable, and it’s all good until the surgeries make him look like a plastic terminator doll which we hope does not happen.

Truth about Plastic Surgery

Arnold had had quite a few ups and downs in his career and his personal life too, like having divorced his wife a few years ago to the admitting of fathering an illegitimate child and these kind of life events take a toll on you. And in a 2012 interview Arnold admitted to having an open heart surgery in Mexico in 1997, he had kept it a secret for years not wanting his wife to know or worry. And most of these revelations were made in the book he wrote titled ‘total recall’. He admits to being extremely secretive in those matters concerning his life his health and his family, and that even exerted to secrets he kept from his family.

Arnolds surgeries let it be cosmetic or open heart are his decision to become a little better than what he was before and as long as we still get to see the Gover-nator in mainstream movie with his thick accent we don’t mind

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