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Babi Rossi

BALD BABI, well-known Brazilian model cat walked on earth on February 9 1990, as BARBARA CRISTINA ROSSI in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  She was brought up in a middle class family where her mother was a business woman. Apart from modeling she is also a good singer in Brazil. Within a short period of her modeling career, Babi got good name and fame.

Let’s have a look tot he wiki of Babi Rossi model including her family background, education, career to dating related news updated in 2015 only.


Babi RossiProfile & Statistics

Original Name : Babi Rossi

Nick Name: Babi Rossi

Birthday Date: February 09, 1990

Ethnicity: Sao Paulo

Height : 5 feet 4 inch / 1.65 m

Weight : 58 kg / 128

Age: 25

Eye Color : Light Brown

Babi Rossi Body Measurements: 34-25-34

Education :

Parents : Margarete Rossi

Babi Rossi’s Boyfriend: Lucas Lucco, Mauricio Zarzur

Religion: Christian

Astrology Sign : Scorpio


Early Life

In her teens, Babi became a model but soon delve her in television industry. She became assistant in stage management for the TV show THE BEST OF BRAZIL RECORD and BROTHERS TELEVISION NETWORK.


She participated in a comedy show named PANICO NA TV in which she played a role of PANICAT( models in bikini singing and dancing when show gets aired) Babi served for the longest term as Panicat as her performance lured many men.

In the show on 22nd April 2012 there was a sudden twist of events where Babi had to shave her head live on television. Babi didn’t know about this before and tried to argue with the production house and crew but all in vain. She then shaved off her head on TV. Masses thought it not to be real but later on till the end of the episode masses could know that it was real and despite constant refusal Rossi had to shave her head crying. It was the most watched episode in the show’s history. The news made a big controversy on TV and social Medias. Everybody criticised such act by calling it going beyond limitations.

But this controversy made to fame Babi who seeked everybody’s attention. Later Babi responded on this controversy that she enjoyed the whole thing.

Her career got lifted after this and she was signed in for various advertising campaigns. She also was cover girl for leading fashion magazines and many men magazines like PLAYBOY.

Babi Rossi is a singer and runs a music band too. She has net worth of around 8 million.


What’s the Babi Rossi’s Boyfriend name?

Babi used to date Daniel Rocha Azevedo in 2012 but it did last only few months. Then she dated Olim Batista in 2013, a dj and son of millionaire and the relation lasted a year.

In 2014 she dated Maurico Zarzur which only was for couple of months and in the same year she dated Lucas Lucco and they are separated now. Babi Rossi is currently single.

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