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Bae Suzy Plastic Surgery Before and After

Bae Suzy is a household name in South Korea, she is a famous actor and singer who has immense fan followings all around the country, She also prefers to be called simply ‘Suzy’ and it has become her stage name for every time she performs. Having immense attention also guarantees that she is bound to have a bit of negative publicity in the form of plastic surgery rumors. Suzy is also the most famous performer in the band Miss A and her approval among the youth of South Korea is immense, so do you think she has had plastic surgery and does it influence the young minds of the country.

Bae Suzy

The Growing Influence of Plastic Surgery
Some of the biggest stars in Korean Cinema, Music & fashion have had the luxury of helping their looks with plastic surgery and Bae Suzy was certainly one of them, she indicated in an interview that she had dabbled with a little bit of plastic surgery on a request of a costar and was not happy about the outcome, but she also indicated that there could have been more than one type of surgery.

We are not here to question if she has had Cosmetic surgeries or not but we are here look over what we thing is the difference in the stars overall looks

Before Vs. After
Suzy is not like every other Korean star and does not even try to look like them, her minimalist look is what defines her and has caught her so many fans. If you look closely there seems to be almost no change to her face except her nose but the most striking thing we feel is the possibility of a breast expansion.

Bae Suzy before and after surgery

Breast enhancement: Following in the footsteps of her Hollywood counterparts Suzy has probably got her breasts augmented to look a little shapelier, they do look great in recent pics as compared to that of pics long ago but is this the magic of nature or plastic surgery, only you can tell.

Nose job: Suzy has also had a nose job as her new nose is a lot more refined and by that we mean pointy and shapely as compared to her pictures of her a decade ago.  Before her nose was flatter and rounder at the tip but now the change is but obvious.

Lifestyle and fitness
Suzy is a very active person but only because she has to be, because according to her being lazy and sleeping all day is the thing she really lives for. Suzy lives an active lifestyle and is a frequent user of Cross-fit a type of high intensity exercise, she says that she needs a lot of water to keep her hydrated and that is one of the secrets of her fresh face.

She has been to known to embrace the sweaty lifestyle but not so much when she has to perform at concerts at those times she is about your average pop star.

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