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Bipasha Basu Plastic Surgery

The writing in on the wall, Bipasha Basu has done plastic surgery, at least this is what the rumours are indicating. Well, nothing new in the world of glamour, where people are weighed by the size of their wallet or by the intensity of beauty they carry. Can’t blame Bipasha, but is it the fact that the dusky damsel is aging, and is resorting hideous ways to hide her true self.

Though none of her fans seem to be complaining, after all she has become more gorgeous than ever before, with her pumped up breasts.


Popular actress Bipasha BasuBiography

Date Of Birth : January 07, 1979

Age : 35

Height : 5.7

Body Measurement : 36-26-34

Spouse : Actress Bipasha Basu not yet married however currently dating with Harman Baweja.


The Changes

Bipasha is blessed with sensual curves, and bewitching looks which makes her countless fans follow her with their tongues hanging out. Hence, if she ever underwent a change, she cannot escape from her their eyes. And she didn’t, for why else would the rumours be so loud and clear. Seen as a sex bomb in movie industry for some time now, she has had her share of limelight in the glamour industry, and maybe a bit more. Her new looks may have come as shocker to some, but it is pure delight for others.

Breasts Implants

Actress Bipasha Basu breast implant news

Well if nothing else, Bipasha Basu’s breasts have certainly reached new heights to be talked about, and have become pointers to indicate that Bipasha after all went under the knife. Previously she was a bit flat-chest, but with her frame growing and her breasts refusing to do so, she may had no other option other than to get implants to prove them she was the boss after all. Her pumped up breasts look so amazingly natural and perfect that her surgeon deserves hats-offs for getting her shape right.

Nose Job

Bipasha Basu’s nose also seems to have some knife work done over it. It is not that it needed any alternation, but celebs being celebs, you can’t expect them to act smart all the time. Bipasha’s nose seemed to have become refined, and sharper, though no idea where she wants to poke it, it still makes her look beautiful.

Even her facial features have suddenly turned smooth with wrinkles and lines on her face vanishing. It is pretty safe to conclude, that if Bipasha Basu went for the plastic surgery it has been more than successful, and she can go ahead and recommend her doc.

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