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Brigitte Nielsen Confirm Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

When it comes to Brigitte Nielsen then everyone talk about plastic surgery and the truth is that Brigitte Nielsen accepted of having surgery bypass. If there was ever a big advertisement for plastic surgery it was Brigitte Nielsen, she has been under the knife quite a good amount of times and has had the good and bad in the world of plastic surgery. Today at the age of 51 she is one of the most stunning and well maintained women in Hollywood but under closer inspection you will see what exactly is the issue with her skin as it not only looks artificial but also quite unappealing according to some accounts.

Brigitte Nielsen new look after cosmetic surgery

There is no simple before vs after comparison because Brigitte has had several changes across her career and life and has had to adapt accordingly. But we feel that there were some procedures that helped her in the changing process, those procedures put a total overhaul of the star and gave us a totally different Brigitte Nielsen

Brigitte Nielsen Before and After Look

Brigitte Nielsen before and after surgery
It’s no mystery that Brigitte has been under the knife as she has openly said on more than one occasion that plastic surgery has been a muse and way for her to get her feeling better about herself. She has had some pretty hard time as she has been part of four failed marriages and has had a tough time with substance abuse, it was one of the major causes of her looking so broken and sad in the past.

Breast enhancement
Brigitte has had a great career in modelling and acting and has always had a smoking hot figure, but that was altered quite a while ago when she out of the blue started sporting a totally different size which undoubtedly boosted her career.

If you look closely her face is free of almost every blemish and aging mark that should be clear on the face of someone in her 50’s

Botox: To get her skinsmooth again she hasalso tried on Botox that really work for her, it gives her a certain smooth appeal.

Finally to get rid of the fat in the wrong places she had liposuction and skin removal surgery to keep things young and vibrant

Lifestyle and fitness
Now thatBrigittehas left the bad time behind her and has moved on she has embraced a totally different lifestyle, when her marriage to actor Sylvester Stallone ended Brigitte had a hard time putting herself together but today she is not only vibrant but also a pretty great inspiration for all women out there facing difficulty.

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