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Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery

They say change is the nature of life and all change is good, but if looking good through a workout is your passion is plastic surgery the kind of change you want to be associated with. That’s a dilemma we are sure Bruce Jenner constantly has on his mind.

Bruce Jenner isa former us track and field athlete who has now taken up the mantle of public and motivational speaking, aside being a TV personality and favourite of the paparazzi Bruce is the step father to the famous Kardashians.


Popular Businessman Bruce JennerBiography

Date Of Birth : October 28, 1949

Age : 64

Height : 6.2 feet

Children :   Kendall Jenner,  Kylie Jenner,  Brody Jenner,

Spouse : Bruce married not once or twice but thrice and his latest wife name is Kris Jenner.


The celebrity of another kind

Bruce is an Olympic gold medallist and former athlete to conquer a wide range of accolades in the world of athletics and has since been considered as a sports celebrity, he has been on the cover of magazines and even as the mascot of some healthy foods. He also began to be featured on television through game shows, infomercials and TV shows.

Bruce Jenner confirmation for plastic surgery

Bruce admits to having had plastic surgeries in the past, but while many people feel like Bruce had a bad addiction to plastic surgery it is quite evident that despite any procedure he has lost the youthful bounce his face once had.Jenner had been targeted on late night TV and use as material for comedy as his infamous botched surgeries became celebrity headlines. In 2009 Jenner tried to get his surgeries corrected but not a lot happened in that department.

Bruce Jenner Before and After the Plastic Surgery

Being from the athletic background Bruce was never a fanatic behind his looks even though looking good or presentable was a priority for him. But gradually grew into the phase where in as early as 1980 Bruce had a beautifully masculine face, a squarish jawline and a nose that resembled a bit of an arrow. But today his nose looks eerily similar to that of Michael Jacksons in his prime and his skin shows no sign of wrinkling when wrinkles has begun to show on his face itself just a few years ago.The nose job was the beginning of the procedures what was also followed by a few facelifts and eventual shaving off of his prominent Adams apple

The Influence of the Kardashians

It’s no secret that the Kardashians are a bunch of glamour obsessed celebrities and staying with them has probably had a toll on the former athlete. Many people believe that the star had considereda gender change surgery which is alife changing procedure but is it really necessary. The changes that started a chain reaction in the life of Bruce Jenner has forever added him to the land of Hollywood misfits.

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