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Callista Gingrich Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgeries have become a way of life for many commoners and celebrities around the world, and certainly not to be left behind is Mrs. Callista Gingrich who was once rumored to be the mistress of former speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich. Though later her confessed about it did, but that did not go down well with Victorians who were skeptical of her blemish relationship.

But upon transformation of her status from a mistress to wife, she opened other venues for criticism, this time it was her plastic surgeries. And again it seems she was caught on the wrong foot, for when she went for plastics she bit more than she could chew. Her new looks may have come as refreshing for Mr. Gingrich, but it certainly did not go down well with her critics who feel that instead of turning the clock backwards she may have moved it a new years into the future as she looks older than before.


American Politician Callista Gingrich looks youngerBiography


Date Of Birth : March 04, 1966


Age : 48


Height :


Body Measurement :


Spouse : Married with Newt Gingrich in 2000



Botox Fillers

Well to be honest, Callista Gingrich surgical procedures do seem to have successfully removed the age wrinkle off her face, but it seems the Botox that got injected over her face to get rid of them, blessed her with frozen looks meant for Madame Tussauds. Though it is speculated that the moderate use of fillers may have worked well for her, but she seems to have crossed the limits and over did it. And then again, it is not that she has become devoid of all emotions, but her surgical endeavors have made her facial expressions completely disappear, and she looks like a zombie, a beautiful one though. The liveliness and natural charm which ones resided over her face has mysterious gone missing.

Any Cosmetic Surgery?

Then her cheeks and lips have also undergone a sea change, as they look different from her previous photos, and added to it she is also accused of going for face-lifts even if a mini one. It is her raised eyebrows as well which are raising questions, as they gave Callista a permanent inquisitive looks. Gingrich is another matter of discussion which does not escape the nosey inspection of celeb watchers. Previously her nose looked flatter given it a piggy-nosed looks, but suddenly it seems she got them pinched and a bit harder at that one, as it has become amazing slim and looks elongated.

It is not that her facial looks speak of imperfection, but rather they are too good to be true for any lady of her age. The smooth toned tight skin over her face could make any Mask turn green with envy.

It is a matter of debate whether she went for beautification to woo votes for her husband, the Republican Presidential candidate for 2012, but she did not win hearts for herself and certainly did not win them for her hubby as he eventually lost the race. If anything, her lips have become tighter and she is mum on any kind of plastic surgery she undertook.

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