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Carla Bruni Truth About Plasitc Surgery

Carla Bruni is the name that has rocked the cosmetic surgery world with her graceful and youthful beauty. She is well reputed as an Italian singer who has great skill of song writing in her. She is known for her graceful and flawless figure but people consider that this is the measure that has been render perfection with the plastic surgery. She is the lady who is in the mid age with no sign of ageing but is rumored to undergo plastic surgery.


Evidence for Carla’s Cosmetic Surgery:

Is Carla Bruni looking young after surgery?


She is the woman knocking the door of 40’s where many of her fans have noticed that she is still younger and do not display any sign of ageing. Whereas, it has been noticed that she appears nipped as well as even tucked in appeals which simply highlights that this is the prove of extensive surgery that has been processed. There are massive number of surgeries that has either been successful or unsuccessful but her fans assumes that the process seem to go wrong but yet she is admired as the gorgeous lady in musical industry. While Carla has been coming through a number of interviews then she had been concluding that she had never undergone such sort of knife to look gorgeous as she is still gorgeous at the age of 50 year.

Procedure That Is Questionable In Her Case:

  • Rhinoplasty- With lot of speculation, people have assumed in her before pictures the nasal region appeared rounded as well as longer whereas, in the current pictures the nasal appears different as well as awful on her face. This treatment has over all created a nice effect on her face but over all surgery is considered to be having gone wrong in her case.
  • Facelift- This is the procedure that is not executed in surgical mode and therefore in the current picture her face appears longer as well as slimmer whereas in the past her face appeared plumped and rounded that somehow was bit in attractive. This is the treatment that has been flourishing in the industry to receive a toned as well as fresh looks.
  • Chin Implantation- This procedure even rendered a tightened effect due to filling of chemical peeling with the help of Botox as well as Chemical filler that makes her cheek plump without any marks of wrinkles. The chemical peeling has helped her to bring a halt in the growing lines of wrinkle.

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