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Ryan Sheckler Net Worth – House, Car, Facts

Ryan Sheckler is one of the most recognizable faces in the world of Skateboarding and at the age of 25 has earned a massive net worth of nearly $16 Million, to put that into perspective $16 million is the total amount most movie actors would make in their career through

Barbara Dunkelman

Barbara Dunkelman is known to be the lady with beauty and brain. She is known as the community manager of Rooster Teeth Productions. She is passionate lady with lots of creativity in herself. With the help of her live action, she has credited a number of roles in her accounts

Anzhelika Kenova


Anzhelika Kenova is the cute looking Barbie girl who appears similar to a living doll. Anzhelika is known to have more essence of natural look in compare to other living barbies. Because of her looks, she is popular all across the globe. She is originally from Russia. Lets have a

Dakota Ostrenga

Dakota Ostrenga

Dakota Ostenga is a common name amongst amine girls who are frequently known as B-graded or Scene Queen because of gorgeous look and amazingly sensational figure. She is more or less known to be the imitation of her sister popularly known as Kiki Kannibal. Dakota is the known charming model who

Lhouraii Li

Cute anime model, Lhouraii Li is even known living Barbie. Beside this, she is even admired as a gorgeous actress who has even appeared in a number of TV shows in which she displayed her talent and gradually came into the light of success. Let's find more about this cute

Wang Jiayun

Wang Jiayun

Wang Jiayun is the current internet sensation who is even considered to be blown-up Barbie doll. Today, she has succeeded to such great height that she has turned out to be the highest searched out personality on internet across South Korea. Most of her clicks have become viral over internet

Lolita Richi

Lolita Richi

Lolita Richi is the famous Ukarine model who is similar to human barbies. She is known to modify herself to imitate a plastic doll as well as look younger to her age. Lolita is considered in today’s world as an advance living doll that is born on earth and today

VJ Andy

VJ Andy

VJ Andy is a highly dedicated and reputed host and costume designer of Bollywood fraternity. He is notable since he took on the task to host the famous show, Dare 2 Date. His real name is Anand Vijay Kumar and is always remembered for his amazing jokes that strike the heart and

Venus Angelic

Venus Angelic is the stage name of Venus Isabelle Palermo who worldwide known for her doll like appearance and great sense of fashion. She came into light with her clicks on YouTube with the maximum popularity of 650,000 subscribers as well as 96 million viewers. Being a popular Barbie girl, check

Beth Chapman Had Plastic Surgery ?

How Beth Chapman looks before and after the surgery

Beth Chapman is one of the most over the top individuals you would have the pleasure of meeting, loud and unafraid to push her weight around Beth is certainly the kind that likes to take a good risk. But was plastic surgery a risk that was actually taken. With the