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Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery

Some stars personify the beauty of the 80’s Americas even in the new millennium like George Clooney, Harrison Ford, and the ever so beautiful Christie Brinkley.Christie is known for being the face of the 80’s as she was featured in countless magazines through the golden decade. She has been the cover girl for healthy magazines food and even cosmetics.

Actress Christie Brinkley net worthBiography

Date Of Birth : February 02 , 1954

Age : 60

Height : 5.9 feet

Body Measurement : 36-24-35

Spouse : Christie life hsa been up and down in terms of marriage and married not once or twice but total 4 times however she is again now single.

The star that turned 60 this year looks nothing more than 30 at best, a charming complexion, smooth skin, plump cheeks and desirable lips make us wonder if she has actually found the fountain of youth or is a daily patron at the plastic surgery departments at Hollywood’s famous clinics.

Christie Brinkley comments on Plastic Surgery rumours

Christie  comes from a background very close to the world of glamour so it may not be tough for many to imagine she has the Hollywood blood that makes her crave Plastic Surgery. But on more than one occasion Brinkley commented that the secret to her youth is not a cosmetic procedure but rather a routine to stay fit. She also said that even though she has not had a procedure yet she would definitely consider it in the future.

Christie is a gym nut

Last year Christina opened up to US Weekly and said she is a follower of the traditional workout style, and going to the gym is one of her guilty pleasures, she also said that along with gym she also does a lot of skiing, swimming and dancing. And she  confirmed during one of the interview that she loves to go outside and spend time in open air.  The actress who has graced the covers of countless magazines in a bikini has also chalked her secret down to eating right.

Before and After the plastic surgery

While celebrities getting plastic surgery is nothing new Christie Brinkley’s gorgeous youth is definitely something that catches one attention, and so some professional surgeons say that Christie surely got a facelift in 2010 along with a nose job and some other procedures too. While her skin may look smoother than it did a few years ago nothing can deny that in close quarters her beauty does look a tiny bit artificial.

This is the fact that now she is 60 years old on this 2014 year however she till looks damn beautiful, even if she has had a few procedures done on herself that may not be a bad thing. And even if not all Hollywood plastic surgeries end in a happy ending Christie should be true to herself because it will help a lot of women her age who don’t look like that despite all the efforts in eating right and dieting.

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