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Christina Aguilera goes for Plastic Surgery

Christina Aguilera is the magical American pop singer who came in to light with her rocking song “genie in a bottle” and many more that rendered her fame overnight. She is elected as a best performer in the session of 90’s “Star Search”, an ultimate reality show held during the session of 1990. This paved her way to Hollywood as a star accompanying other famous star as her actors in “The Mickey Mouse Club”.

Actress and singer Christina Aguilera

Did She Really Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Christina is the actual example of beauty now-a-days. Well, it has always remained as a mystery that how did she changed to slimmer stylish bebo from fat woman. Presently, she is rocking the red chain with her ultimate voice that suit her super slimmer attire resulted due to either strict diet or plastic surgery. But as per her past reflects, that she would have surely under gone plastic surgery because she is not addicted to gym nor she had she had small breast size after her delivery time. This evidence is enough to declare that she has under gone surgery. But the million dollar question is, would we be able to known the fact behind the Plastic Surgery story?

Comparison of Christina Before and After Attire:

Recently, it was in highlight that she had left behind put on weight and has become an American bombshell. As far as the gossips are concerned she had done work since the time she entered into Hollywood to have an appeal and sexiest attire. It has been even gossiped that she has surpass at least 4 major plastic surgeries to become matchless celebrity amongst the seasonal race fame and glam.

  • Breast Augmentation – since the time she initiated her voyage toward glamour and fame her breast size was too small that was near about “A” cup but this size gradually got enhanced at the time of conceiving to “C” and later on at the time of birth the size was enhanced to “E”. But, this large size was automatically reduced offered her perfect figure due the removal of extra substance via implantation.
  • Nose Job – By the time she grew famous, she had a fat nose with an ugly shape broad at top and sleek at tip angle. But now, after job done she is backed with nostril that appeared more attractive.
  • Lip Augmentation/ Botox Injection– Now her lip appears more seductive than it has ever appeared in her career. Howsoever, the surgery proved to be successful as her lips now appear more natural than fake.
  • Liposuction – Many people even gossip about that she has done liposuction after her child birth as it is completely impossible task to overcome such huge difference of weight.

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