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Did Arianny Celeste Go For Plastic Surgery

Celebrities and plastic surgeries have a love hate relationship between them, though they would love to go under the knife, they seldom admit of doing so. Hence there is always room for speculations and rumors, especially when their bodily features scream of plastic surgery except for their lips which are either zipped or are too timid to confess for fear of adverse criticism.

Another celebrity who has undergone microscopic inspection is the fashion model and UFC fighter Arianny Celeste. Though the beautiful athlete and model has god gifted sensuous curves, if she lagged anything it was her A-sized breasts. And knowing the chemistry of breasts and beauty works well for models, the sin of Arianny Celeste to go for breast implants should well be forgiven. With her more protruding chest, the ring fighter of UFC may well have punched over her height, and made her fan following grow more than ever.

The celeb is not known for taking thing lying down, and has kicked and punched her way to become famous or infamous, depending upon your perception of life. She has kicked her opponents’ butt in the ring and out of it as well. But did the girl who was announced the Ring Girl of Year in 2010 by MMA sought solace in plastic surgery?


Arianny CelesteBiography


Date Of Birth : November 12, 1985


Age : 28


Height : 5.6 feet or 1.68 m


Body Measurement : 34-24-34


Spouse :



Breast Implants?

If there are any visible changes in the bodily features it is of little consequence whether Arianny Celeste admits or chooses to remain silent. It is for the onlookers to conclude for themselves, after all what the surgeons have to do is simply place silicone or saline under the breast tissue and makes them protrude. A study concluded on more than 250 women has revealed that over 98% were more than satisfied with the achieved results.

Hence no wonders Arianny Celeste went for enhancing her breasts and her career, after all in the cutthroat competition among models, she can take all the necessary steps to work on her area of development and give a run for money to her rivals.

Arianny Celeste may try to put cover on the story of her implants, but she certainly does not take any precautions to cover up her enlarged breasts, in fact she proudly displays them more than ever. If you look at her previous photos, you would be looking at a flat-chest girl with tight tops that compress her chest all the more, but the time has come when she is opening flashing her impressive cleavages in deep low-cut tops.

But to be fair, some of the breast implants do have a giveaway looks as they may appear too unnatural or too symmetrical to be true, but Arianny’s are well within their limits and have a very natural look, kudos to her for that.

And then, if she has gone for breast implants could she have resisted to do some patch up work on her face? Well, she has a way out for that one, for you can say she belongs to the genetically advanced specie of humans which has a natural glow on her face by default.

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