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Did Goldie Hawn gone through plastic surgery?

Looking good is always a hard and heavy pursuit in the crazy land of Hollywood, whether you are a celebrity or just an average person living their life. And no one knows that better than the countless people who visit plastic surgeons every day. Goldie Hawn is one of Hollywood’s oldest actresses and in typical Hollywood style and culture she is just as glamorous as ever.

She has acted in some of Hollywood’s most treasured movies and TV series like the 1980 movie “Seems Like Old Times” and the 1978 classic “Foul Play”. Cosmetic Surgery is one of the tags that define this star over the past decade but there was a time when she was known and the baby-faced sweetheart of Hollywood.

The Relation between Surgery and Goldie

Goldie Hawn looks bit younger after the surgery
Looking back at any picture of the star you will certainly see a naughty smile and a grin that will eventually make you want to join her in displaying all your teeth through a bright smile and that was the aura the star had through the 80’s. her goofy smile is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s best, so as she began to feel the burden of aging it was natural for her to opt to keep herself looking young and tender.

She has had a lot of procedures across the years while some suited her appearance some were not that great for her as critics were truly harsh on the star. She had a range of  procedures done like Botox Injections and face lifts. Even though it was not necessary we see signs of a nose job which leads us to imagine the star simply had a lot of idle time on her hands.

Before and After

The differences were severe when comparing the original look of Goldie with the looks she would later embrace. Though a majority of the procedures let to her face looking beautiful and classy like a typical Hollywood star the Goldie charm was lost in translation. She appears to have really tight skin and a good body but let’s not forget that she is just a year away from turning 70 so we have mixed feeling about it all.
Breast Enhancement:If you have looked closelyit’s hard to imagine that those breasts belong to a 70 year old lady but after years of surgeries its actually stupid to imagine all that work go into her face and nothing into her breasts. She has graduated finally to a C-Cup which she seems quite satisfied with.
Other procedures: Goldie has probably had a range of other procedures like liposuction and procedures to get the results she desires with the way she looks because she looks quite different that the Goldie our parents and grandparents knew.

Goldie is truly a sweetheart but it the reason for her constant obsession with plastic surgery eludes us. Whatever the consequences the facts are that she is still one of Hollywood’s most desirable women.

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