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Does Dounia Batma gone through Plastic Surgery?

Around the world plastic surgery is becoming a part of life but it’s still not widely accepted even in the industry that needs it the most, Dounia Batma is the beautiful 24 year old singer who rose to fame as the runner up in the premiere season of Arab Idol but she is now the latest victim in the ongoing plastic surgery blame game. Dounia has unconventionally sharp features which is one of the reasons why she is so widely adored but that’s also the reason many believe she has had plastic surgery.

Dounia Batma Plastic Surgery

The Growing Influence of Dounia Batma
Dounia is a glamorous and elegant woman who has come to be known as quite a diva, her personality is fierce just like her singing and she is considered to be one of the best singers to come out of Morocco in ages. Her taste for the finer things has got a couple of critics wondering if she would go far enough to change her appearance so let’s find out if it’s true!

Before Vs. After
Dounia Batma is a hot topic for many plastic surgery websites but in our opinion the star is almost all natural and the reason for that is she knows how to take care of herself. Batma is at the start of her career so one wrong move could spell the end of it, so let’s see what the world thinks about the secrets of her beauty.

Dounia Batma before and after surgery

Breast enhancement: The 24 year old looks gorgeous and is one of the more desirable women in the world, but we suspect that there has been a breast enhancement surgery that has given her the edge. It’s not uncommon for young women like Dounia to try out something like this to enhance her looks but she has denied having done anything so far.

Nose job: This is one of the biggest allegations out there and its one that has got Dounia very upset, she has said openly that she has not had plastic surgery and we can see that it might be true yet there are a lot of allegations popping up saying that her nose looks pretty different. One such source also said that this could be the mischief of Photoshop on the young star but nothing could be confirmed.

Lifestyle and fitness
While Dounia’s life and lifestyle is a well-kept secret her habits and love for eating is no mystery, but because she has to keep to her gorgeous looks she sacrifices a lot of her general indulgences. She also avoids ice-creams and cold foods to avoid harming her throat and voice but in a couple of instances she has mentioned sneaking in a cheat meal when no one is looking.

Dounia is also a fan of classical Moroccan dishes like Harira and Makouda which is often her idea of diet food. While Dounia has made a pretty good impact in the musical community there is a lot more for this star to achieve considering he is just 24 years old.

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