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Facts behind Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery

You are madly in love with the dimples of her cheeks. You love her prancing and waltzing around on the silver screen. She is the lovely actress with millions following. Despite the filmy gossip that she is not beautiful as far as the strict norms for beauty go for the Bollywood’s top heroines, she has always been the heartthrob of her countrymen due to her lovely personality. Guess, who she can be?

Actress Preity Zinta looks youngBiography

Date Of Birth : January 31, 1975

Age : 39

Height : 5.4 feet

Body Measurement : 34-26-34

Parents : Durganand Zinta, Nilprabha Zinta

Right, she is your favorite actress Preity Zinta. “Kal hoo na ho” was the movie that made her so famous and you were moved to tears simply with her performance.

Grapevine is abuzz with rumors that your favorite actress has gone through a plastic surgery. Surely, your heart sags, when you know that your favorite heroine’s beauty is artificial.

Is this true? Let’s evaluate.

What do the rumors say about plastic surgery?

The rumors wildly speculate that she has done a facelift. Some even say that Zinta has taken Botox injection. Skeptics go a step further, adding that she has definitely done a liposuction. Grapevine states that she may have done breast implants.

Websites and magazines add fuel to the speculation

Websites and magazines go a step further by making comparative study of her photos with the past. Their sources claim that there has been a difference in her figure and it is only due to the reason that she has gone through a possible plastic surgery in the past. According to their sources, she cannot be so stunning in her looks without any artificial change.

Preity Zinta – a fitness freak

Fitness has remained the prime obsession for Preity since her childhood. Her father had been an officer of the Indian Army and he laid utmost importance for her fitness routine. Besides following a rigorous regimen of exercises, she takes all the steam baths and massages keep her beauty in the perfect order.

Yoga- the ‘manta’ of good looks

Preity has been an avid follower of Yoga. She admits that positive thinking and poses of Yoga with the “pranayama” breathing exercises always add shine to her brilliant looks. These are reason behind her ‘million dollar’ smile.

Eat well and sleep well- Her favorites

Preity does not believe in taking the so-called starving diets and in principle, she believes in taking good diets along with exercises. She sleeps a lot during the spare time.

Preity- a symbol of determination and truth

During the controversies of her life, she has always abided by the truth with determination. As a matter of fact, she has been rewarded for her honest speaking of truth. As her conscious is always clear, she keeps glowing and shining like a lotus.

Frankly all these have been her secrets of beauty for years.

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