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Franck Ribery

Fast, tricky, and an excellent dribber who has great control with the ball at his feet is the famous French Footballer, FRANCK RIBERY. Franck was born in 1983, let’s check the wiki of Frank Ribery from his professional career to love life. Don’t count his height, Franck got talent in football ground and you will be amazed to know that the current salary of Franck Ribery is 12 million EUR.

Check out the wiki of Franck Ribery from his family background, education, dating to football career.


Franck RiberyProfile & Statistics

Original Name : Franck Henry Pierre Ribery

Nick Name: Franck Ribery

Birthday Date: April 07, 1983

Ethnicity: Franch

Height : 5 feet 6 inch / 1.70

Weight : 72 kg / 159lb

Age: 30

Eye Color : Dark Brown

Education :

Parents :

Franck Ribery Wife name: Wahiba Ribery

Religion: Muslim

Astrology Sign : Aries



Franck was brought up in a poor family, low income family who used to reside in the fringes of the city. When Franck was 2 years old and travelling with his family they met with an accident resulting around 100 stitches and 2 scars on the right side of his face and on his eyebrow. Franck s younger brother also used to play football for many clubs. Franck married an Islamic girl Wahiba and is blessed with two beautiful daughters. Franck converted himself to Islam in the year 2006 and changed his name to BILAL YUSUF MOHAMMED. He was involved in a Solicitation of minor prostitute scandal as the girl Zahia Deher was only 16 years when she was escorted for the paid sex service.


Franck was inclined towards football at a very young age. When Franck was 6, he started playing football in the city clubs. In 1996 Franck enrolled himself into Lille football academy at the age of 13, and impressed everyone but soon he was expelled 3 years later due to his behavioural problems.

The 2003 was good for him as he played his very first match with State Brestois. He joined a Turkish Club playing on the right wing and gained him much accolade. Masses were impressed by his speed and fans named him,”FERRARIBERY”. He left the club in 5 months dispute over his pay.

He played his first international game for France on 27th May 2006 against Mexico. In 2006 world cup he was included in all matches till final scoring 3-1 second round win over Spain.Zinedine Zidane then called him “THE JEWEL OF FRENCH FOOTBALL”.

In 2007 BAYERN MUNICH club signed Frank for a 4 year contract for euro 25m declaring that they have won a lottery. Franck scored 11 goals in his first season and impressed everyone by his style of playing and personality despite having injury. The RIGHT SIDE MIDFIELDER was also seen in many commercials for NIKE and a television show, THE FRANCK RIBERY SHOW”. He also features in FIFA GAME SERIES. He also appeared in Music Video by MAGIC SYSTEM.

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