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Gauri Khan Plastic Surgery

Gauri Khan is the gorgeous lady of Bollywood who is honored as wife of the very famous personality who is best known as “King Khan” i.e. Shakhrukh Khan. They got married to each other in the year 1984 later she raised to fame as a popular producer as well as fantastic interior designer. She in the early period was considered as the beautiful as well as sexiest lady in Bollywood as per the listing of Vogue magazine. Being of king khan wife it is important for her to match with him in glamour’s world. Therefore, she tries out thing that would help her to retain the public attention.

What about Gauri’s Plastic Surgery?

Is Gauri Khan looks young after surgery?


The foremost thing that she requires is just to appear elegant and noticeable in the race of beauty. There people consider that may be because of this pressure she required to undergo plastic surgery that simply makes the face appear terrible that over doing the treatment for uncountable times. Maybe she thinks so that she could hide the thing but the huge alteration on the face could be easily traced out. As per the view of many people she is looks horrible and she simply blames the surgeon for over doing the surgery.

Comparison on Before and After Facial Features

Facial Treatment
Gauri Khan who is the young woman of near about 43 year and do not display any symbol of ageing either in the form of frown lines or wrinkles. Therefore, people say that that she may have accomplished Botox treatment in addition to chemical peeling as well dermal injection on her as she is not ready to go with her age group. This is the only method with which one look younger but because of this she looks more than her age as well as in fact horrible with the unnatural appeal. Her skin of the face appears shiny as well as tightened along with the oily skin that makes her chubby. Where, in few of the event she had been appearing with the frozen skin that is too stiff. Moreover, the reverse effect of the treatment has been caused because of eyebrows that appear as an elevated arch and the forehead is simply frozen with the elevation.

Consequence of Plastic Surgery
People assumes that being a celeb as well as wife of the famous personality is bit tough so she due to extreme pressure may have under gone this procedure to look fantastic but the result appeared weird. This even represents that Gauri Khan has pushed hard to gain gorgeous look but all of the plastic surgery has two sided effect that may either result as bad decision or good decision. But, in Gauri Khan Case it appears destruction instead of constructive which has resulted to unnatural look without any sign of ageing.

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