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Gong Hyo Jin New Look after Plasitc Surgery – Before & After

Gong Hyo Jin is a South Korean Actress who is one hot lady with a lot of talent, With a career in acting she has come a long way through playing roles in movies like “Crush and Blush”, “Emergency Act 19” and even pushed her way through TV series like “Wonderful Days” and “Sang-doo! Let’s Go to School” roles that made her one of the most beloved actresses in Asia.

Gong Hyo Jin

Recently she has come under fire for a lot of reasons the most famous being her alleged Plastic surgery and losing her natural beauty, they say it has also diminished her natural chemistry on screen but that sounds like nonsense to anyone with common sense. But since she has had some work done on her face what do you think it could be?

Before Vs. After
Well there seem to be quite a few facts on the table, and despite there being no confirmation about any plastic surgery Gong Hyo’s fans can’t help but notice the difference in her look, above that there is always the undeniable attraction that actors have towards cosmetic surgeries, especially in South Korea where pop stars and actors are known to not only dye their hair absurd colors but also experiment on the surgical side of the scale.

How Gong Hyo Jin looks after plastic surgery

There seems to be a high probability that Gong hyo has had plastic surgery and the experts feel that there is much more than just one procedure at hand.

Nose Job:
Gong Hyo had abig nose in the past which looks a lot different now and we guess that’s because of a good surgeon who trimmed off the area that she didn’t seem desirable

Laser Skin Peel: Gongstill looks like she is in her 20’s even though she is not,which is generally the indication of a skin peel that rids the skin of all dead skin, the procedure is expensive but it does have its benefits.

Botox: on close inspection of her pictures of the past and of hers now her cheeks look a lot plumperfillers and Botox is generally the most famous procedures to get an effect like this.

Lifestyle and fitness
Gong Hyomight be a big Korean star but she has stayed in Australia for a majority of her younger days and now lives in New Yorkwhere she has been influenced by Hollywood and the vegan/healthy lifestyle. She is on occasion a vegetarian but is a big fan of working out, she says it’s the time of the day that she truly enjoys and has all to herself.

While she has probably had a couple of procedures done to enhance her look we feel like it has paid off because she does still look stunning even though she looks different.

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