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Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery Before and After

Popular beautiful actress from Korea Ha Ji Won possibly had plastic surgery. If you are looking through the list of the most gorgeous women in the world then the South Korean actress Ha Ji Won will certainly make that list, she is pretty talented and has received celebrity status in almost no time at all, she has seen fame and fortune and has quite a great career ahead of her. Though she was naturally beautiful her decision to go under the knife was either going to make or break the rest of her life.

Ha Ji Won

Not many of her fans know this but Ha Ji Won lastic surgery  looks real and the difference is obvious when you go back to compare the pictures. Though the star has never confessed to having had the procedure if you compare her pictures now to that of nearly a decade ago you will see the point.

Ha Ji Won Comsetic Surgery Pics Before and After

Ha JiWon’s relationship with plastic surgery was all but rumors before because of the excellent work of the surgeons but on further inspection you might just be able to see the minute differences. The rumors didn’t slow her down in the lest and only catapulted her to new levels of fame and fortune

Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery

Eyelid Surgery

This is one of the most common surgeries for Korean models and actors who want to look more continental, though she looks pretty desirable without it Ha Ji Won also had this procedure which was pretty successful as it improved on her looks without damaging her beauty.


the face lift and fillers are also among common procedures by women, the injections seems to have been centered around her cheeks as they look unnaturally plump and in our opinion does not really suite her very well.
Nose job

on comparison of Ha JiWon’s face in her childhood pictures you will certainly see the difference in the structure of her nose, what was once round and cute is a lot more tapered now and her nasal bridge I lss sharp

Lifestyle and fitness

Fitness is a major deal in the life of Ha Ji Won and she has been known to be a firecracker with a lot of energy, which energy also translates into a workout with the star as she is perpetually jumping around on the set of every shoot. That’s also one of the reason she does not go to the gym, but she is certainly a foodie and loves to munch all day long.

Her overactive lifestyle is what keeps her looking bikini ready and is what has caused the star to be such a fan favorite in South Korea, Plastic surgery or not Ha Ji Won is truly a beloved star of Korean Cinema.

So now you have clear idea about Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery truth.

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