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Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Many in the Middle East like to call Haifa Wehbe the Kim Kardashian of the Arab world, she does have a tendency to overdo it and at times go overboard but she is just a strong willed diva who knows what she wants. Haifa has recently come under fire for having plastic surgery and even though she has not come out with the facts this is pretty undeniable.  If you take a deeper look the Kim Kardashian comment is not all that bad because Haifa is a gorgeous woman but has she had plastic surgery to look better? Let’s find out.

Haifae Wahbe

The global phenomenon
Haifa is from Lebanon but is an ambassador of music for the Arab world and has been compared to the Seven Wonders of the World, now the UAE is one of the richest and most beautiful places in the world and hence attracts a wide crowd that demands to be entertained, hence performers like Wehbe are on their toes to look the best, for some this might be all the reason Haifa needed to indulge in the sin of plastic surgery.

Before Vs. After
Some people like to call her the cosmetic surgery queen of Lebanon, and in all honesty they are not wrong. By looks alone it’s rather uncommon for someone to have such sharp features but as she has denied almost any procedure it’s hard to pinpoint what she has really done. Many people call her fake and have a negative image of the star. So what kind of procedures do you think she has had?

Haifae Wahbe before and after surgery

Breast enhancement: as she gets closer to her 40th birthday it’s obvious her body shows signs of touching the milestone, but her breast looks as firm and shapely as the first time we seen her. So does this mean she has had breast implants? Until she confesses it’s anybody’s guess.

Face peel and Bleach: Many people have commented on Haifa’s excessive use of bleach on her face and body, she has lost her real color and her skin looks a few tones fairer but not all that natural. The texture is pretty normal but it does not suite her personality nor her Arabic looks.

Lifestyle and fitness
Haifa made it on the list of the World’s 50 most beautiful people, published by Peoples Magazine and for that she certainly had to work hard to look that good. Haifa Wehbe is a patron of the gym and has been known to be a fitness fanatic at times, and you can certainly see the results. She also tries to eat right and has a dedicated diet to meet her strict health goals.

Being one of the most successful and famous Lebanese singers Haifa has pulled up a path of success and also a couple of people who enjoy her plastic surgery more than her voice. This star does not only have a bright future but an interesting future too.

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