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Heather LockLear Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgery today is like the super compact phones we use today, in your pocket they are hard to notice but they certainly cost a pretty penny, but because it’s become such a fashion trend just like smartphones a variety of procedures are available at every price what you are willing to pay is what you will get. And if Heather Locklear’s looks are any indication then we know one thing that she has paid quite a lot to keep her looks young and vibrant. She is a beautiful 52 year old but she looks like she is just 25. So what are the secrets to those  divine looks?

Can plastic surgery really do that?

How Heather LockLear looks after cosmetic surgery?


Heather has been part of Hollywood right from the good old 1980’s jumping between TV and the silver screen she has acted in over two dozen projects that received critical acclaim. Her faces have gradually changed across the years but initially many considered that just a phase of the star growing into herself.

It wasn’t until her face was still changing in her 40’s that celeb watchers said that she has been visiting plastic surgeons on a daily basis. She has beautiful firm cheeks that you see in some of the most curvy models around and her body could easily rival supermodels from back then and even now.

How Heather LockLear looks Before and After
Heather has graduated exceptionally well across the years and the plastic surgeries have been subtle to not bring in suspicion, but today with her exceptional looks its nothing she can hide from her fans and the experts. She has had procedures like.

How Heather LockLear  looks before and after

Breast Enhancement
She finally decided to stick with a fulfilling C Cup in the past and that is something she probably had to redo in the near past. She had to maintain the size as it had begun to sag and all the recent procedures were less about gaining size and more about getting her breasts to come to its natural firm upright state.

Botoxor Facelift
Heather has used a variety of procedures to keep her face plump and young including the usage of Botox and a variety of chemical peels also, there are also rumours of a nose job, but when you look like Heather its certain that you have had a lot of procedures in your lifetime

A 50 year old Athlete
Heather is a sports fan and she loves playing a variety of sports herself like baseball football and even swimming and she says that it’s the secret of her youth, while we certainly know better that the secret of her youth is really plastic surgery we do feel that her love for sports also helped her get where she is today.

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