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Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery

They say don’t fix what is not broken and that’s good advice every celebrity who is planning to go under the knife should consider, especially American TV personality, model and singer Heidi Montag, but it’s probably too late for good advice.

An extremely beautiful person before the procedures Heidi said she was persuaded by Dr. Frank Ryan to consider the surgeries when he pointed out the flaw in her looks, and it was downhill from there. Earlier in 2010 when she was 27 Heidi opted to get 10 surgeries of the cosmetic nature to be performed on her

Cute Heidi MontagHeidi Montag Biography

Date Of Birth : September 15, 1986

Age : 27

Height : 5.2 feet

Body Measurement :  34-25-35

Spouse : Married with Spencer Pratt in 2009


Plastic Surgery

And all the surgeries and everything else in the high life came with a price and quite a hefty one none the less. Heidi and her husband had allegedly paid up to $10 Millionon everything during the prime of their fame on MTV’s ‘the hills’ which has passed on quite a while ago.

The plastic surgery techniques involved:

  • Brow lifts
  • Nose job
  • Ears pinned
  • Chin Shaved
  • Breast enlargements
  • Fat injections
  • Liposuction

The couple confessed to be down in the dumps when everything came crashing down. “The life of glamour and galore is not for everyone and frankly cannot be sustained” said Heidi when she was asked about her media hiatus.

Life catching up

Heidi somehowfeels like life has caught up with her and she is slowly and steadily moving past her past vices. She had got another breast augmentation surgery in an attempt to reduce her breast size for health purpose. Heidi Montag revealed earlier that the implants she had were weighing too much for her to handle, she ultimately decided to go for a smaller cup size to tackle the issue.She says she feels life is sometimes really overwhelming and there is a lot going on for her at the moment. Heidi said she needs to reassess and revaluate her priorities for the future she really wants to have.

How Heidi Montag look Before and After the Plastic Surgery?

They say don’t fix what is not broken and that’s exactly the point that needs to be emphasised here especially for the fact that she has not become exponentially more beautiful.

So while the faults of fame is slowly dying down and Heidi is no longer a household name she says she wants to live a humble life and is working towards formulating her next career hopefully off the television screen. So as time passes and as the stigma of being addicted to plastic surgery dies off Heidi is slowing trying to rebuild a life for herself and probably even start a family.

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