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Hrithik Roshan Plastic Surgery

Hrithik Roshan is an indomitable and talented actor who is considered to be one of the best in Bollywood, coming from the royalty of Indian cinema Hrithik shares a versatile onscreen personality and good looks just like his father before him and on many occasion is called the sexiest man in Bollywood.

But such compliments always come with a side of suspicion, and the bunch of celebrity watchers are always unsure of the role cosmetic surgery plays in the entirety of things. Hrithik is undoubtedly a good looking guy and most of the time cosmetic surgery is not realized for men in Indian cinema but there is most certainly always a first for everything.

BiographyHandsome and charming Hrithik Roshan

Date Of Birth : January 10, 1974

Age : 40

Height : 6.0 feet

Spouse : Hrithik Roshan Married with Suzanne Roshan in 2000 however separated in 2014.

Children : Hridhaan Roshan and Hrehaan Roshan

The Chubby beginnings

While A few Celebs are blessed with bodies that are in perfect shape quite from the beginnings as kids, many celebrities have to put in years of work and training into achieving the perfect bodies they always dreamed about. And any good fan of Hrithik would know that before becoming a big mainstream actor and before the tight muscles there was once fat. And as time and effort went by he emerged from the ashes of what was once fat to conquer Bollywood in the beginning of the Millennium. The artist is known for the amount of enthusiasm and dedication he puts in his work so many time the question arises would he consider cosmetic surgery to forward his means.

Truth behind plastic surgery

Getting the right look through cosmetic or corrective surgery is considered taking the easy way out for many, like peck implants would be an easy solution to get yourself looking buff, but Hrithik on many occasion has opted for the tedious and often long task of exercising and training to get the work done.  Like in 2009 while filming Guzzarish he would spend hours in the gym almost to the point of puking out of fatigue to attain the figure he lost to achieve the pudgy look of the character. That was an inhumane resolve to achieve both sides of the character in the movie.

The pressure on men in Bollywood to look good and in shape is immense especially as they age and as competition gets fierce. They have a much longer on screen life as they can go on to play leading roles much in their 50’s opposing female co-stars that are just about half their age. So though the use of surgeries and steroids may be real Hrithik prefers the old fashion way of getting the work done.

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