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Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery

Well, the price of being a celebrity has to be paid by the poor celebs who are under the microscope of the gossip worshipers all the time, and who are capable to turn a drop of info into an ocean of speculation. Jada Pinkett Smith is also not spared from the ritual, and her photos were studied closely by those who are unable to believe Jada could retain such youthful looks for that long, and were looking for excuses.

The multitalented Jada Pinkett Smith is an actress, singer, director, and even a song writer, all in one. With her beautiful looks, and envious success stories, not to mention she found Will Smith along the way, she certainly does not deserve to be left out of the spicy talks. And to the credit of news weavers who are always looking for celebs to falter, and give them the opportunity to spin out a hot gossip, a bird tells that Mrs Smith did falter, and that she looks to have gone for the plastic surgery to get those well sculpted facial features.

Cute Jada Pinkett Smith Biography

Date Of Birth : September 18, 1971

Age : 42

Height : 5.1 feet

Body Measurement : 34-26-34

Spouse : Jada Pinkett Smith married to popular Hollywood actor Will Smith.


Is Plastic Surgery behind Jada Pinkett Smith’s Youthful looks?

Of course not! She never underwent any surgical procedures for her young and smiling looks, she claims, it is her natural god-gifted beauty. But not to the watchful preying eyes of doctor, and specialists, they say they see fillers in those cheeks, and of course her face looks slimmer. They claim that her cheeks look unnatural in her photographs.

Though the photographs indicate that Jada Pinkett Smith’s cheeks have a glow, and look youthful with fillers, medical pundits still are adamant that her cheeks have sagged. They conclude that it could be the result of past medical beauty treatments she may have undergone. To be fair, the toll for being an entertainer wearing cosmetics all the time, facing lights, working in different challenging conditions, can work against your facial features and skin textures.

Confessions and denials are part of the game, and the charges levelled up against Jada Pinkett Smith for undergoing not one, but four plastic surgeries is out in the open. It is still a daunting task to uncover the truth. But the episode is far from over, the diehard fans will keep sniffing around and unearth other evidences to get to the truth of Jada’s cosmetic surgery, but till then it remains a secret, and a hushed whisper.

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