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Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery

In the better half of 40s, Jennifer Garner was born with talent written over her, which she started exhibiting at the age of 3 when she took ballet lessons. She continues dancing, and eventually danced her way into TV, and movie screens. But year after year, the CIA agent of Alias, retained the same youthful looks, maybe the scripted wanted it that way, but what about the nature’s script. Not that her fans objected to it, but questions were bound to arise, did she go for plastic surgery? The answer to it is yes, according to plastic surgeons who studied her photos, but as for her, her lips are zipped. You can scrutinize Jennifer Garner’s beautiful face closely yourself, and be the judge:

Beautiful Jennifer Garner



Date Of Birth : April 17, 1972


Age : 42


Height : 5.8 feet


Body Measurement : 34-27-35


Spouse : Actress Jennifer Garner married twice and her current husband name is Ben Affleck withm whom she married in 2005.



Nose Job

Yes, differences of her past and present appearances do scream of plastic surgery. Her nose is picked by plastic surgeons as one of the features she had altered. The bridge of her nose had become wider, and the overall structure of her nose had become narrow, smooth, and sharp tipped. Now, she couldn’t have remoulded her nose with her fingers, could she?

Going just below her nose you can sniff fillers on her lips as well. No objections though, for they have killer-kiss written over them, but they were slightly thin before. Now they look full pumped out making them look sensuous. If that was her objective she has achieved it, along with an extra miler. For, her breathtaking smile has become heart-stabbing more than ever before. But before you think too much about her lips, can’t there be fillers like Juvederm, and Restylane already sitting pretty on them?

The other enhanced feature of Jennifer Garner’s body chemistry is her dentistry. Parting ways from the general trends, Jennifer Garner went for cosmetic dental rectification as well, whereby her teeth were worked upon. She is now blessed with sparkling white teeth which gleam all the more when she splits into laughter, and they become straighter, and look better.

For all the storm rumours of her plastic surgery created, Jennifer Garner coolly chose to stay deaf to the cries of her fans, and critics. After all it is her body, and she has all the right to do what she wants. But yes, if she did go under the knife, you can say it was job well done, and yes she has turned the clock backwards by few years?

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