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Joan Rivers Revealed Plastic Surgery Secret

Man has been challenging nature for the better part of the past century and he has conquered on many fronts, and like everything in the natural world man changes he also changes things in himself. Today human kind has not conquered but merely gained an edge over the natural process of ageing through science and technology that gives us plastic surgery. And one of the best examples of good and bad plastic surgeries is the American comedian Joan Rivers.

What is the Curse of Hollywood?

How Joan Rivers looks after plastic surgery
Joan was a highly successful comedian and talk show host right from the star and she has instant success with her immense wit and skill yet her average looks were not that something Hollywood would take lightly, she was by definition just a typical American woman with features that don’t standout which caused her to consider the idea of plastic surgery.

The Original Joan
Joan had the typical looks of a Caucasian woman and beautiful blond hair, she had a nose that was bigger than the one we know and associate with her. She did not have the typical Hollywood cheek bones and was rather average looking at best. She paled in comparison to other Hollywood women with their chiselled faces and big breasts.

Before making the big leap into plastic surgery she tried a variety of things like getting her hair done in various styles a habit that carried on right until she passed away this year. She was a big fan of the fashion of the time as she would dawn the iconic curls of the 60’s in most of her acts of the time. She also concentrated a lot on her fashion becoming a trendy icon among youngsters of the time.

The beginning of a Million Surgeries
Rivers mentioned in an interview that she started the surgeries as  a way to embrace the Hollywood glamour around her and it was well received but not always enough, the celebrity had a lot of procedures including Botox, Skin treatments, eyebrow lifts, facelifts and a lot more. She said there were so many it felt like a million in retrospect, but was not nearly thatmuch.

Contributing to comedy in more than one way
Joan admitted to having plastic surgeries multiple times and on many occasions she has also joked about her several procedures, it was taken so lightly that many people like the so called fashion police, gossip mongers and comedians alike who usually have nothing in common banked on Joan Rivers millions of surgeries jokes which became quite trendy in its day.

Joan was a wholehearted person and her death has certainly left a hole in the Hollywood community we will never forget her for everything she gave us right from the comedy to the simple life advice.

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