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Joan Smalls Before and After Plastic Surgery

Joan Smalls is the Puerto Rican fashion model who you probably know from all the massive brands she has modelled for with the most famous being Estée Lauder cosmetics. She is not only gorgeous but also very intelligent and also in the news for various reasons one being the speculation of her perfect face being the result of plastic surgery. While she has certainly denied all the rumors we can’t imagine that there is absolutely no cosmetic correction because plastic surgery and the modeling industry go right hand in hand.

Joan Smalls

It may be going a bit too far when you call Joan Smalls face the most perfect face on the planet but you are certainly not far off, this title was given by many internet websites where Joan had interviewed before. Now we do agree that it only increases the suspicions of plastic surgery but let’s take a closer look to confirm the details.

Before Vs. After

Joan Smalls before and after the plastic surgery

To all those who know her personally Joan does not really seem like the kind who would go after plastic surgery because of her obsession with the all-natural beauty, she says that real beauty does not need to be masked and is not skin deep, now these are pretty big words coming from the mouth of the woman who earns a living from her looks, but if we had to guess we feel she has used this

Botox: Botox is the most common thing used in the modelling industry and coupled with fillers this can really change the looks of a person. Joan’s cheeks look a lot more subtle and ripe now than they did in the past and we feel that it’s the obvious.

Nose job: there area lot of rumors that Joan has had the injectable type of filler for the nose that’s becoming all the more popular in the modelling community. It has made her nose a little broader but certainly looks better.

Lifestyle and fitness
Joan Has to compete with some of the best models in the world that’s why it’s obvious that not all her eating habits are very widely accepted, she is usually a vegetarian but coming from Puerto Rica we can’t imagine her not being a fan of spicy food. Joan says she is often on a fruit diet and it has been very helpful for her skin but she says don’t try it for too long because all that sugar is not great for you.

While she might be pretty rich and live a healthy lifestyle she is not always relaxed, because in the modelling world taking a break gets a totally new meaning.

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