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Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Seems like the world can’t resist the charms of the beautiful Julie Bowen who looks like she is in her early twenties even at the age of 44,  this queen of comedy is a versatile actress known for her roles in TV shows like Boston Legal, Weeds, Lost and even the modern family for which she received critical acclaim, so with an incredible skill set is her immense beauty the result of plastic surgery or is it just incredible genetics.

Beautiful Julie BowenBiography

Date Of Birth : March 03, 1970

Age : 44

Height : 1.68 m / 5.6 feet tall

Body Measurement : 33-27-34

Spouse : Married with Scott Phillips in 2004


Plastic Surgery: a love/hate relationship

Years ago owning up to plastic surgery would be like career suicide for many actresses in Hollywood, but this stigma is a thing of the past. But that does not mean that celebrities would actually admit to any such procedure even in the year 2012, almost every celebrity today has used the Magical Scalpel to change a feature they deem unattractive. But the courageous Julie brown has admitted to procedures she deems necessary and is open about it.

Julie has admitted to having a laser correction for her skin to keep it feeling young and says that she might even consider Fraxel.  Bowen accepted the fact that she gone through breast surgery too. The star said that she does not exactly like the extensive treatments that are available and that it makes you look too perfect, which is not a good thing. She says she does not intend to do anything that will make her look too Hollywood and that’s for her own good.

The star that does not shine

Rarely does it happen that a Hollywood actor is down to earth and a rather chilled out person, Julie brown is one such rare specimen. She deems keeping her health a very pressing issue and says people don’t recognise her if she goes jogging or even shopping for that matter.

The spinning of the rumour mills

There are speculations that Julie has also taken Botox to clear the signs of aging from her forehead but what makes it odd is that nothing can be confirmed.

Before and after the Plastic Surgery

Though she has admitted to having laser treatment some people say that it’s much more than that. Julie has been gorgeous from the very beginning with lush lips flawless skin and Beautiful eyes. And as she ages tiny signs of time began to creep in, but with the treatment it’s all cleared.

Though no Hollywood star is fond of the paparazzi Julie has made her public exploration an art form, she is always graceful and never mistreats the annoying photographers. May be that’s why  when you ask people about their own opinion regarding her plastic then they have nothing negative to spew.

Many people like to speculate that she has all those procedures to survive in Hollywood but she is one of TV’s highest adored personalities and is part of beautiful shows so plastic surgery or not people do love her.

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