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Jun Ji Hyun Plastic Surgery

The South Korean celebrity actress Jun Ji Hyun is one of the best know faces in the country, and the famed actress basks under the glory of many successful ventures she took, when she adorned the small and big screen with her stellar performances. The 32 year old celebrity who had began her career as model when she was 16, swept the South Koreans off their feet with her grace, and became a national icon. Her popularity among the masses prompted the corporate houses to rope her in for their marketing campaign, and thus Jun Ji-Hyun began appearing on commercial ads as well.


Jun Ji HyunBiography


Date Of Birth : October 30, 1981


Age : 32


Height : 5.8 feet or 1.73 m


Body Measurement : 34-25-34


Spouse : Married with Choi Jun-hyuk in 2012


Did Jun Ji-Hyun Go Under the Knife 

The stunningly beautiful South Korean actress has herself to blame if she is under the scanner, and suspected of Plastic Surgery. It is Jun Ji-Hyun fault to be born with a flawless face which is thought to naturally impossible. Yes, critics and fans can miss out on one factor and that is the natural genetic makeup of individuals, which is responsible for defining the person’s personality. But then it is not the fault of her peepers as well, isn’t it a fact that South Korea is a nation which has taken the concept the plastic surgery too seriously. So much so that it has earned the nickname of the plastic surgery capital of the world.

Has Jun Ji-Hyun Face Changed

Jun Ji-Hyun has a pretty face that even a dim-sighted person can see, but the ones who watch the celebs with a magnifying glass in their hands, what about them. Well, they seem to see more than what the celebs would want them to see. People watching Jun Ji-Hyun’s previous photos and current ones, show added interest on her various features. Like did she do something on her eyes? In some photos her eyes look bit wider than the other, does that mean she did an eyelid lift, or was the photo morphed, or simply that she rounded up her eyes for at particular shot. These are some of the nagging questions bothering her diehard followers.

The same question repeats for her nose as well. In some pictures her nose looks flatter, and in others it looks sharp and narrow. So, what does this indicate, can you smell something fishy? Is it her nose job or are people hallucinating? Well, that only Jun Ji-Hyun can confirm, though whether she does or not, the fact will still remain that she looks gorgeous.

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