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Kangana Ranaut Plastic Surgery

Another Bollywood actress who could not keep herself from falling in the pit-hole of plastic surgery is Kangana Ranaut. The beautiful Indian actress with her bee-bitten lips has become the queen of hearts of million fans. Hence old hens can be excused for perking themselves up, but why would a young beauty like Kangana Ranaut cross path with plastic surgery?

It seems the glamour ‘Raaz Girl’, was not aware of the storm her beauty had created, or she felt the movie industry was chocked with stunning beauties, and she had to upgraded her physical attraction. Maybe she was bitten by inferiority complex bug. You are free to speculate any other reason.

But, in spite of her visible night-and-day changed features, Kangana remained on a denial mode, maybe mirrors do lie for her and she is unable to see her real self. Checkout some of the pointers that pin her down:

Date Of BirthMarch 23, 1987
Height5.8 feet / 1.73 m
Body Measurement32-24-34
ParentsAmardeep and Asha Ranaut

Beautiful Kangana Ranaut before and after

Lip Job

In her initial stage, Kangana Ranaut’s lips were a bit thinner, but by the time ‘Life in a Metro’ hit the screen, Kangana’s lip were dominating the screen space, and the viewers were all glued to her plump sensual lips. Whether these were indications of lip job or not, your guess is as good as anyone’s.


In fact, beautiful Kangana with plastics and fillers on her face may have taken a step closer towards becoming a Barbie doll meant for shelves. The fillers on your face never lie, even if you can, likewise Kangana’s puffy face is telling a plastic surgery story, while she a different one. Apart from that, her curved jaw line has also become more sharp and refined than before.

Breast Implant

Next time when Kangana created a flutter, the culprits were her breasts. Initially she had small breasts, and though her fans had forgiven them and accepted them as part of her. But her introspection must have revealed plenty of room of improvement, and maybe she went for breasts implant. For in her new looks, her breasts looked fuller, but her fans were not complaining, to them Kangana looked ready for a comeback, and ready to explode.

Yes, Kangana had successfully transformed herself into a sex bomb. Though, she is no mood to share the credit with plastic surgery. She insists that her sudden gain in weight is the reason for her altered features. Maybe this could explain her breasts, but never heard of lips getting fuller with weight gain, have you?

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