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Karishma Kapoor Plastic Surgery

Karishma Kapoor might have taken a hiatus in Cinema from the beginning of the millennium but the lines of Bollywood gossip can almost never have enough of the beauty. She might be out of the film making scene at the moment but that does not stop the incomparable star from looking just drop dead gorgeous wherever she may present herself.

She comes from a family that shares the profession she loves and has been an integral part of Bollywood throughout the 1990’s across great actors like Govinda,  Akshak Kumar and Salman Khan. She has been to the top of the industry and is now succeeded by her younger sister Kareena Kapoor who is equally beautiful and talented. Karishma Kapoor is not only known for her unique talent on screen but also for her beautiful baby face unique sense of style and beauty above all.

Biography of Karishma KapoorActress Karishma Kapoor truth about Plastic Surgery

Date Of Birth : June 25, 1974

Age : 39

Height : 5.4 feet

Body Measurement : 34-28-34

Spouse : Married with Sanjay Kapur in 2003

So what’s the big secret about plastic surgery?                                               

So despite being drop-dead gorgeous and talented Karishma has come out with some radical films solidifying her history and career in Indian cinema and in the age where Cosmetic Surgery was not part of the B-Town glamour circle. So the question is has any such procedure has been done on the star and if so then why? The answer is a simple no according to most of the stars fans. Karishma Kapoor has often stated her love for the natural way of grooming and aging but what seems to be off is that she doesn’t seem to age like that.

The Fact of the Matter

Karishma is a mother of two daughters but looks like she is just out from college. And with being a celebrity comes great responsibility, like showing up for social events like parties and other functions and after her almost 10 year hiatus from the main screen titles Karishma still does not cease to amaze us.

The ageless diva has been the sorce of inspiration for many actresses to follow in the steps of the industry’s red carpet and the star has given some intense beauty secrets that give us a better idea of the amount of effort she herself puts into looking young. She says we need to drink a lot of water, follow a nourishing diet like the ones she teaches us in the book she recently published. And finally the secret to look good is to be happy because no matter what your efforts may me if your smile is not celebrated o your face your beauty can never reach its peak.

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