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Kat Dennings Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Hollywood loves to play on its dual roles like the prince and the pauper or the beauty and the geek and one star who is so versatile you will probably not realize that she is playing both the parts incredibly well is the amazing Kat Dennings. Just the emotional versatility in her face can get you from chuckling to reaching for the tissues in seconds. And her body is the stuff of legends, she is like the average girl next door you knew growing up who suddenly hit puberty and has become this goddess. But since none of that really happens in reality her extreme transformations have caught the eyes of the unfriendly neighbourhood celebrity watcher, and the questions of plastic surgery have finally risen.

Women have it somewhere inside them the ambition to look gorgeous, and one way that is fulfilled is by gaining a jump in the cup size. Though this idea is flawed it’s a thought process that is dominant in Hollywood and many including Kat Dennings have had a change in appearance to satisfy this need.

Date Of Birth July 13, 1986
Height1.64 m / 5.5 feet
Body Measurement36-27-35
ParentsGerald Litwack, Ellen Litwack

Beautiful Kat Dennings before and after surgery

 The tale of the big breasts

No matter what people say it’s obvious that Kat has had some procedure to enlarge her breasts, even though she has not been open about it, it’s no secret since her bust size has swollen at such an incredible rate.But don’t think that we are complaining at all about her new appearance because she was already good looking but now she is just drop dead gorgeous, and we have her enormous breasts to thank for that.

Before Vs. After                                           

Judging by Kat’s before and after pictures it’s obvious that she is a beautiful woman irrespective of any procedure but some changes makes her one of the most desirable women alive. If you look closely you might also notice a small change to her nose, it is a little smoother than before but the changes are minimal. That means if she has had a procedure she had the sense to keep it looking natural. There is also the difference that her lips look a little too pouty.

The right and wrong

It’s not for us to say if Kat has done the right thing by the breast augmentation, the lip enhancement and more, its only our job to judge if it was a success or not. And by all means it is a crazy success, she looks a lot hotter and there is no one who can claim that the procedures went bad. She looks gorgeous and everyone loves it and that is one happy ending.

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