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Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Truth

Kat Von D is probably one of the most talented artists around and her canvas is the human body, this tattoo artist has dedicated her life to creating extraordinary pieces of art for the fulfillment of human personality, which means her art gives her canvas meaning.

Kat Von D is a well-known and well respected tattoo artist and TV personality. She also has her own TV show LA Ink which deals with Hollywood’s obsession with tattoos. And when you are so fanatical about perfection in the aesthetics department facial aesthetics also hold a major cup.

Popular tattoo girl Ket Von DBiography

Date Of Birth : March 08, 1982

Age : 32

Height : 5.9 feet

Body Measurement : 34-27-36

Spouse : Kat Von was married to Oliver Peck however they separated in 2007.


So in the pursuit of aesthetic perfection has Kat Von D ever gone under the knife for some cosmetic correction herself? Plastic surgery is not a big thing in the Hollywood circles but it’s also the favorite topic for many as a tea time gossip making it a bit of a social taboo, but then again so is having your skin covered with tattoos.  There are several news on net that Kat Von D did lips surgery however those only seems gossip. So it would not be entirely impossible for the LA Ink star to have had such a procedure.

From tattoos to plastic surgery

Kat’s body is entirely covered with what many consider as tattoos that are works of art but many feel like that’s not the only things that are changed to attract attention. On taking a closer look many feel like her features are not natural. She has a thinner nose her cheeks look plump and her eyebrows look lifted which are not exactly features seen in women of Mexican origin. While there is no Proof to plastic surgery, rumours have always been floating around when it comes to Kat.

The truth about Kat Von’s secret beauty

While it’s not confirmed that Kat Von D has been part of any surgery, she is a young star who is along the process of ageing and any way to secure her looks is considered a bonus. And many of the rumours that are floating about can be easily answered as make up. Considering that Kat plays with paint on a daily basis we are sure that her make up skills are a bit beyond even the best, so does that chalk out the probability of cosmetic surgery, No! Not entirely.

While many people believe that Kat has had her romance with plastic surgery we feel that it does not matter as long as she looks as beautiful as she does. While Kat has denied all the allegations of cosmetic surgery and it’s the fact that there is no way to prove whether there really is something done. And the only aspect of aesthetics we need to concentrate on is not her look but her skill as a tattoo artist.

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