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Kate Moss statement about Plastic Surgery

We don’t know who started the size zero trends in the world of fashion but we are sure Kate Moss is the oldest memory we have in that line of fashion, she might not have been the first but she was surely among the few who made it a worldwide phenomenon. She is hired for being one of the most beautiful models in our generation, but sticking up to a tag like that can be a lot on a person, so did that spurred a round of visits to a plastic surgeon or not?


Cute Kate MossBiography


Date Of Birth : January 16, 1974


Age : 40


Height : 5.7 feet or 1.7 m


Body Measurement : 34-24-35


Spouse : Married with Jamie Hince  in 2011



Spiralling out of control

Modelling is one of those careers that takes a toll on you, and big time! It did a lot worse for young Kate Moss back before the millennium had even begun. Bored with the life and times of modelling Kate gets into the wrong company and starts to enjoy the indulgence of partying. She takes up smoking and had slowly began to lose the young British girl charm she was known for, and at the end of it all her looks began to go south.

Anything for the business

After your body is suffering the effects of the overdose of smoking, drugs and parties it usually take you quite a while to refresh your system and mind, but that’s not an option if you are in high demand like Kate moss. And so the best thing to do in a situation like this is visiting a good plastic surgeon, even though all allegations of surgery were denied the outcome was pretty obvious, she even got a nose job done while she was in for good measure.

Before and After the plastic surgery

Kate moss is an exceedingly beautiful individual but in the world of modelling making a comeback has to be done with a bang. She returned to the scene and sporting a bigger chest and a slightly altered face. The changes to her face have been minimal but these minute changes happened so often and has been happening for so long it’s a completely different nose than we see in her childhood pictures. But you can see that it does suit her because she is always in demand.

The Health Routine                                     

Kate is not a foodie and eats just enough to survive, because she needs to maintain her figure which is the highest priority for a model. She is a party girl and we are unsure if she would ever turn to comfort food but we are sure of one thing that she is ambitious and talented and she will do whatever is necessary to get what she wants.

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