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Katie Couric Plastic Surgery

American News Television has a striking resemblance to Hollywood in the past decade with their attention more on drama and glamourizing the news, And Katie Couric is the trailblazer whose talk show style for tackling most issues is the new norm in the industry. She is started her career in the year 1979 and has seen a lot in the business since,And with over 30 years in the business and being known as the glamorous diva she is, has she considered plastic surgery to keep her looks and her fans.

She has worked with all 3 major American broadcasting channels that is NBC News, CBS News and ABC news making her one of the few TV Journalists with that accomplishment. She is currently hosting a talk show on television that started in mid-2012.


The million dollar smile

As of 2014 Katie is 57 years old but hardly looks a day over 30, her on screen energy and youth has caused many to wonder what the secret to this journalist’s un-aging skin is. Even at her age her skin is flawless and tight and devoid of any aging signs but on a closer look you begin to see some characteristic wrinkles that come only after a few plastic surgeries. So has there really been some sort of cosmetic correction or is it just our imagination.




Beautiful Katie CouricDate Of Birth : January 07, 1957


Age : 57


Height : 5.1 feet or 1.54 m


Body Measurement : 36-28-36


Spouse : She was married with Jay Monahan however divorced in 1998 and currently living with John Molner.



Before and After the Plastic Surgery

Its unconfirmed by Katie herself but many believe that there really are changes done to the journalists skin and complexion, there are signs of tiny wrinkles on her forehead that are sometimes considered to be the signs of Botox, and if you look closely across her photos of how she has aged across the years Botox would be a good bet.

There is also the chance that she has had a facelift to cover up most of the wrinkles on her neck but that can only be speculated on.

While it’s obvious that TV personalities have a knack of considering all sorts of procedures to keep their good looks and sometimes enhance it, but it’s an absolute mystery as to what those procedures would be. At least a news journalist would not go to the extent most Hollywood stars do.

The Health Routine

Katie has denied that plastic surgery is the way she pursued to keep her youthful dash, but she did say that it’s her all natural routine that keeps her going. She says that her youthful appearance is due to a healthy lifestyle a perfect diet and a rigorous exercise routine, none the less if the rumours are real of fake we hope that her beautiful face continues to better our news life experience.

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