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Kim Cattrall disclose about the plastic surgery

Kim Cattrall has been on more than one “Sexy Celebrities of all time” talk about plastic surgery. Kim is a tall blonde beauty with a feisty personality just like the character she plays on the hit HBO romantic comedy of the early 2000’s “Sex and the City” but today nearly a decade after the series ended does she still fall under the sexy cougar category that made her famous? Hell yeah!

Kim Cattrall

Kim at the age of 58 in 2015 is undoubtedly gorgeous but doesn’t really look her age but probably more or less a decade younger, so that brings up the question has she been under the magical spell of the plastic surgery fairy?

The Probability of Plastic Surgery
Now we all know about Kim Cattralland it’s no secret that she has had a couple of procedures in her past but a couple of years ago after turning 50 she finally embraced her looks with a little reluctance none the less. So does that mean that there are no hopes for Kim’s future in plastic surgery?

Kim said that she knows she is not going to lose her sexiness in the next couple of years and joked that if she survives for another 50 years that might change her opinion on plastic surgery.

Before Vs. After
Soit’s no secret that Kim had a love for Botox and other cosmetic procedures in the past but what’s really the difference in the star from a time when she was not so much into it? Let’s take a look

Kim Cattrall Plastic Surgery
Breast enhancement: to fit into the sexy characters we have come to know Kim for a breast enhancement was certainly something up her alley, we guess that she had implants put in quite early in her career and we can see the impact it had.
Facelift: Kim has had a couple of procedures to hide off the excessive skin that was bothering her, it might be nearly two decades in the past but it’s something that most of Kim’s fan will remember.
Botox: Botox was also something that we guess she has had an encounter with considering her plump cheeks and smooth skin, the look has added to her appeal and we are sure it was a good choice.

Lifestyle and fitness
Kim Is a fitness freak and has been on more than one journey to change herself either through yoga or exercise or dieting and the outcome of it is simple Kim today does not look like she is about to enter her 60’s and she is even bikini ready, we don’t know if the bikini ready part has anything to do with plastic surgery but we are certain that Kim has not seen her last day in the sun yet.

With a new found love for acting she has been trying to take up more maternal roles and we are glad to see her find her way.

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