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Kim Kardashian Before and After Secret Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian is one of those celebrities who got rumor about plastic surgery and have taken over the media in the past decade, she is a Socialite, Model and reality TV star who has come to be known for being the loud over the top celebrity who is also a fashion trailblazer. Kim is pretty high in the Hollywood food chain and as you might imagine has had more than just good genetics and makeup to help her image, we suspect good old plastic surgery.

Kim Kardashian

Her immense popularity in the media makes her a great candidate to be followed around by paparazzi that’s why there are almost no secrets in the life of this mega star. Is all her good looks because of plastic surgery and how does it influence her life.

The Growing Influence of Plastic Surgery
Having plastic surgery is like a coming of age ritual in the Kardashian household, those voluptuous lips are not in the family and are a gift from the good old family plastic surgeon. But what else do u think is fake in this paparazzi magnet?

Before Vs. After
If you look at her pictures from when Kim was young you would see a totally different person, but today she is smoother, rounder, fairer and so perfect that it’s pretty obvious that it’s not all that natural.

Kim Kardashian looks more curve after the surgery

Breast enhancement: While we can go on for days about what Kim possibly had to look so good we would rather concentrate on her obvious surgeries like her breast enhancement. Being a 36 DD is pretty hard to maintain and look good but she does a great job, the change is big but it’s something we gladly accept.

Botox: While Kim is open about her Botox use the difference is evident, the Botox is doing its job and making her cheeks look smoother, plump, and wrinkle free. Everything else is just the right eating.

Junk In the Trunk
Kim’sbutt isone of the most talked aboutbutts in Hollywoodwhether it’s trying to break the internet in a photo-shoot or just relaxing trying to get tanned on the beaches of Miami. This is certainly the result of but implants, because no matter how many sit-ups you do you are not going to achieve a shape like that, its un-natural people!!

Lifestyle and fitness
Kim is at the top of the food chain and you can be assured that she gets the best and nothing but the best, whether it’s the right nutrition, gym membership or personal training she has it all! She is a regular at the gym and her smoking hot body is the best bet for it, she has a lot to maintain and that’s where her meticulously planned diet comes in.

Kim might not be a movie star but she is surely a media star and has a long future in the eyes of the world, it’s obvious that she has had plastic surgery but as she ages will she overdo it? Or will she prefer to age gracefully.

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