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Koena Mitra Wrong Plastic Surgery Disaster Photos

If ever there is an actress who has faced the harsh realities of plastic surgery, and knows perfectly the other side of the coin, it is Koena Mitra. The alluring plastic surgery not only sucked her into its fold, but sucked her pretty bad, literally around her nose.  Her deformed nose made her being ridiculed around, prompting she flourishing career is entertainment industry to come to an abruptly ended. The actress had swept the world with her sensual pulsating dance numbers, and rode on the popularity wave owing to hot looks, and sexy curves. Then, the apple in the Garden of Eden became too much of a temptation, and Koena took a bite at plastic surgery, and got promptly banished from the Eden of film industry.



Actress Koena Mitra new look after plastic surgeryDate Of Birth : January 07 1984


Age : 30


Height : 5.7 feet


Body Measurement : 34-26-34


Spouse : Actress Koena Mitra is currently single.


Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Reflecting back, she can rue her decision for going for her nose job. With her original looks she was getting favours, and was given sizzling dance numbers, and if it was something more she wanted, only she can tell. But yes, it is disheartening to hear about her rise-and-fall story.

Though you have to pat her for her boldness to confess that she did go for the plastic surgery, and had the courage of come out and walk tall with her distorted nose up, as if she did not care. But she should surely be lamenting that, all she started out to get was a little more attractiveness but what she got was quite the opposite, and a bag of sorrows.

According to her, some of her well wishers encouraged her for the nose job, and showing her loyalty for them, or maybe she couldn’t resist it herself, she went under the knife. But for all she knew, she was cutting down her career, and inviting her nightmares to begin. After the surgeries procedures, instead of her nose getting thinner, her face started swelling. Baffled, she asked the doctors for remedy, and they prescribed prayers, the easy way out. Just wondering what it must have done to Koena’s confidence in them.

A New Beginning

In the industry which worships beauty, glamour, and spicy relationships, Koena Mitra fell from favours, and she was not forgiven for getting a deformed face. But when Mumbai shut the doors on her, Los Angeles opened hers’, and she got an acting stint in ‘The Story of Naomi’, a Michael Hershel’s film, and now she is looking forward for other offers as well.

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