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Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery

The twilight saga girl is another of Hollywood celebrities who has fallen into the pit-hole of cosmetic surgery at so young age. Is it her fault? Of course not, for some say that Kristen had birth defect owing to which she could not smile. Others claim it was just that she was obsessed in making her physical beauty strike like thunderbolt in the heart of her audiences. Is it her fault? Nope, it is no fault of hers’ again. There are rumors in the air that Kristen Stewart went through the tedious procedures of cosmetic surgery that include her cheeks, chin and mouth.


Well whatever be the reason, but did she really go for plastic surgery? Better ask the owner of the face, Kristen Stewart, and the answer is mum.

After the end of Twilight Saga, the gorgeous looking girl went back stage and disappeared from the screens, making her fans wonder what happened to her. And then voila, she appeared all pecked up and looking completely different.


Actress Kristen Stewart new look - is it after plastic surgery?Biography

Date Of Birth : April 09, 1990


Age : 24


Height : 5.5 feet


Body Measurement : 36-22-34


Boyfriend: Kristen is currently dating to Lane Garrison.


Nose Job

Checkout Kristen’s nose and you can smell a nose job there. And it is speculated that it was the first one to go under the knife, maybe at the age of 15 or so. Originally her nose had a thicker budge, broad tip, and wide open nostrils. But in her new looks her nose has found its proper size, becoming thinner, and refined, and her flaring nostrils are perfectly inserted in her nose. Now that is one job well done!


Breast Implant

Then her breasts shared the limelight when Kristen Stewart made her appearance at a Comic Convention in San Diego, and they became the talk of the town. How did she manage to turn A-cups into large B-cups? People were divided whether it was her high-end bra she was wearing that enlarged the size, or it was breast implants that made her breasts shine out. Though, most of well known plastic surgeons felt that she is perfect examples of breast implant. One of Kristen’s friends has let out a secret as well that Kristen was happy about her small breast which she had to hide. Well, now that she got her desired size to brag about, she won’t have to make efforts to hide them.

Well folks, no matter if you smell foul play here, unless Kristen Stewart comes out in the open and boldly excepts, or blatantly deny the rumors, this is another one for the file rooms.

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