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Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the Holy Grail for the celebs in glamour and entertainment industry, and it is something they simply cannot do without. It is a walking stick for the aging actresses and actors, which ensures they stay young longer till the inevitable strikes. Keeping true with the legacy of celebs, Lauren Michael Holly, the Movie and TV actress has not been left out of the race.

With the actress’s present age …., hmm well it is bad manners to disclose a lady’s age, she looks young as ever. This upsets the critics, and they question if the law of time, space, and relativity does not apply to Lauren, or has plastic surgery a part to play in it?

Actress Lauren Holly new look after plastic surgeryBiography

Date Of Birth : October 28, 1963

Age : 50

Height : 5.5 feet

Body Measurement : 34-23-33

Spouse : Actress Lauren Holly married thrice and her current husband name is Francis Greco.

New Looks of Lauren Holly via Plastic Surgery

With time taking its toll, you expect people to age, you expect to see their skin wrinkle, and flesh sag. Well, if these are the parameters for calculating a person’s age, you can say that Lauren Holly has managed to turn the clock backwards, thanks to the plastic surgery procedures she opted for. It is speculated that with age catching up on Lauren Holly, her confidence got dented and she wanted to regain it. Well, done and dusted with her cosmetic procedures, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope she does get it back.

Breasts Implant                                                                                          

Well Lauren Holly herself let the cat out of the bag and has accepted breasts implant. Though she was wise enough for that, for her enlarged and firm uplifted breasts were singing a different song, and you wouldn’t need a binocular to verify that. Since she is not in a hideous mood, and in fact her post surgical photos show her generously showing off her cleavages. Not her fault, what’s the use of going to elaborate, and costly procedure if you don’t flaunt your sexy body.

It is rumoured that Lauren has gone for plastic surgeries over a long period of time, and whenever people spotted considerable changes in her breast size and shape, it was concluded that she did it again.

Lauren Holly’s new looks may turn her critics green with envy, but her fans are in celebration mood, and they feel they have got back Lauren Holly old self, and maybe even better one. Her wrinkle free skin and her sex appeal is more explosive than ever before, and let us hope her successful acting career continues to bloom, and she continues to invade people’s dreams with her hot looks.

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