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Lee Bo Young Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Lee Bo young is a young and charismatic actress with immense skill who has captured the mind and hearts of all people who are a fan of Korean cinema, she is an actress with a background in literature and has used that as a means to earn her way into the world of movies. There are rumors floating around that Lee Has recently had plastic surgery to further her goals in the land of cinema, some even say that Hollywood is her next ambition and there are talks of her joining a star cast for a Hollywood movie. Lee is best known for her role in movies like “I Can Hear Your Voice”, “A Dirty Carnival” and even television shows like “Man from the Equator” and “My Daughter Seo-young”

Lee Bo Young got new look after cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery or not lee has been a great influence to young girls around South Korea where she has pushed for liberation and equal rights for women.

Before Vs. After
Lee Bo young has come quite a long way in the past decade and has got solid footing in her time here, but as time passes she has not aged normally, not one bit, because the changes in her face have plastic surgery written all around it, so what does that mean and what procedures do you think are most prevalent let’s see!

Lee Bo Young before and after surgery

Eyelid Surgery: This being the most common surgery among South Korean actresses is just another pointer, and if you look closer you will certainly see that it’s pretty much true. Lee’s eyelids are a lot less plump than it used to be nearly a decade ago, it has not only made her eyes look bigger but more natural too.

Nose job:there is also the obvious indication that lee has had a drastic change to her nose because its crisp and long now as compared to being roundish and plump before. The biggest difference is that the tip of the nose is nothing like it used to be in pictures.

Botox: Completing the whole circle there are also the chances that Lee Bo young has had a couple of Botox sessions as well, but that’s still a rumor according to many.

From post pregnancy and fitness
in 2015 Lee Bo young and hubby Ji Sung introduced a beautiful baby to the world and have been more than just ecstatic proud parents, but after pregnancy Lee has bounced back pretty well, she is on her own diet and has been pretty feisty with getting back into shape, though she has not officially commented on it. Celebrity watchers say that she is a common sight every morning walking and trying to get in shape and if there is anything we know about Lee Bo young it’s that if she wants something she gets it.

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